CanFitPro Certified Personal Trainer
As a trainer and aspiring Mixed Martial Artist Annie is full of energy and passionate about her training.
Annie’s workouts are intensive, challenging and highly effective - leaving no time for boredom. By the end of her training, you know that you've not only hit all the right muscles but you’ve hit them as hard as you possibly could. Annie always has a way of energizing and motivating her trainees until they’re working their absolute hardest. Her emphasis on proper body form and positioning throughout each session makes Annie an expert at injury prevention and workout optimization.
She helps her clients realize that it’s not about the amount of time they spend at the gym, but about the quality of the workout. Annie has an ongoing dedication to learning and enhancing her skills, to ensure she always providing the highest quality training plans for her clients.

Annie-Animale is currently not instructing any classes.