Certified Pro Trainer, Tayo is a passionate young man with ambitions to make a huge impact in the future of fitness. A proud trainer that works hard at making his clients happy. He is engaging, exciting and full of action. He will only ask out of you, what he asks out of himself....100%

Tayo instructs the following:
  • PBC (West) Bubble Butt
  • Do you want to be the creator of your glutes, thighs and legs? Do you want a stronger and leaner core? This is a tenacious workout that will attack the fat in the glutes, thighs and core. IT IS BACK BY HIGH DEMAND! Start the week off RIGHT by training the body part that uses the most energy and will yield the highest body fat burn. Our famous signature workout is back with a new secret formula. Every week we will introduce your lower body to a new circuit that consists of strength and high intensity training that is proven to tone and sculpt your glutes and thighs. With an added mix of resistance training your lower body is guaranteed to look as good as you feel.

  • PBC (West) Building a Better Upper Body Workout
  • Love it or hate it, lifting weights is essential for more than toning, it is needed for bone density, metabolism and strength. No one feels good when they are weak. Do you know what the secret to a trainer’s success is in achieving a strong and lean physique? It’s simple – strength training. If you are looking to achieve more definition and build strength, then this class must be put into your training schedule. Science has proven what we already know, more lean muscle means reduced body fat and a faster metabolism. In our sessions you will learn to build your upper body strength and add more definition to your arms, back and chest. It is true, you will burn less total calories but your body fat burn will be much higher helping you to achieve a leaner physique.