Jennifer instructs the following:
  • M30 (West) Classic Total Body Workout
  • T.G.I.M. METCON is designed to stimulate every muscle in your body, including your heart? Feel lethargic? This is the workout for you!After your five minute warm-up, this workout is going to pick you up and charge your energy system for the next 30 minutes. This science proven workout will be 100% satisfying and help you towards your goals. Big muscle groups, big effort, big results!

  • M30 (West) Buns and Guns (Hybrid Session)
  • Do you want to sculpt your buns and thighs? Are you looking for more definition in your arms to help get you beach body ready? Not a second is wasted in this specialized workout.We have taken our signature workout and gave you more. Now not only are you going to get seriously toned thighs and buns but you will get defined beach ready arms. That’s the concept behind “Buns and Guns”, designed to get you firm and lean from head to toe! Feel your muscles get tighter as your trainer focuses on lower body toning exercises and then shifts gears and works your arms to perfection. Members from both programs can attend this session.

  • M30 (East) Impact Energy Workout
  • The day of stimulating all your muscles. We will use this day to help with recovery, increase your energy and eat the body fat. Conditioning your heart to make it stronger is vital for good health and reduced body fat. Exercises that push your heart and use loads of calories have multiple benefits. This workout is designed to do just that. Your rest? We only slow you down to focus on your core training.