Anwar Believed She Could, So She Did

We all have our own opinion of what our goals should be. Sometimes it includes the number on the scale, the efforts we have placed into our actions and sometimes it’s just about feeling more comfortable in our own skin. Everyone has a story to tell and for those that feel comfortable sharing it, we welcome it. Your journey, your struggles, your success can be inspiration to others or the push they need to get them started.

Our first ~ She Believed She Could, So She Did ~ story that we want to share is about Anwar. She has made a remarkable difference in her life and transformed herself into a women that she was longing to be.

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Are you always feeling bloated?

Maybe you are like me and have read everything about why you are bloated?
Bloating, the ‘personal pain’ that never goes away. Many people have it and I have personally tried every solution, every theory, and every test. Trust me, I have left no rock unturned. Sometimes I get bloated in a fasted state with zero food in my body. I still do not have the perfect answer.
I can write you a book on all my trials and tests and the money I have spent to see the best natural doctors. I have read numerous books on the topic. I have found ways to reduce the bloating greatly. I have changed my diet to reflect the best solutions. But I have not been able to eliminate the discomfort entirely. And let’s face it, somedays you just want to feel normal. This little bottle offers me some help on those days I need to feel better and look better.

Advanced Anti-Bloat Formula is made with all-natural ingredients. Meet Triphala, one of the main ingredient blends in the Advanced Anti-Bloat Formula. A mild cleansing agent, Triphala is easy on your system, but powerful enough to help remove the impurities that can slow you down and make you feel bloated.

Triphala, which literally means “three fruits,” is an ancient herb consisting of three Indian medicinal plants – Amla, Bibhitaki, and Haritak. The fruits are dried, ground into powder and combined in a method developed by ancient Ayurvedic herbalists. While each of these super-fruits are effective on their own, research suggests that they are that much more powerful when combined.

With a powerful blend of Triphala, Dandelion Root and Ginger Root Powder, you have everything you need without the synthetic “mystery” ingredients that you don’t. Together, along with your body’s natural cleansing processes, they help to cleanse, shed excess water weight and support weight loss.

With the Advanced Anti-Bloat Formula and its ability to gently flush toxins and excess water out of my system, I could finally have the peace of mind knowing that I would wake up looking and feeling my best.” – Jamie Eason

  • Helps reduce excess water weight*
  • Acts as a natural cleansing formula*
  • Supports weight loss*
  • Helps you feel more energized*
  • Contains a powerful blend of Triphala, Dandelion Root, and Ginger Root
  • Easy on your system*
  • No synthetic “mystery” ingredients

We sell it at both locations for $25. 

The Perfect Chili to Cure Chilly

So we want to stay true to our resolutions and eat the salad, but short days and cold weather make the temptation of going off your meal planning easy.  Next time that bread or comfort food  calls your name, I have the perfect solution for you.

This below chili recipe is packed with protein and its heartiness will keep you warm throughout the cold winter months.

Turkey Chili
Serves 6


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The Queens ‘Go To” Workout for the most results in the least time!

METCON is short for metabolic conditioning.  At Integrity Fitness, METCON30 is a fast, intense and very calculated circuit designed for a woman’s body. We execute this form of training in a very specific way to stimulate every muscle in the body including the almighty heart! This style of circuit training is so powerful, the physical demand maximizes fat loss and, improved lean muscle for perfect toning in just 30 minutes.

Why just 30 minutes, why not more? Our METCON30 requires near maximal effort for about 70% of your workout with only 30% of your time resting. This means, that if planned and executed properly, more than 30 minutes of METCON is just not sustainable for much longer than that if you train regularly. In fact, it is so effective that you can’t do METCON30 daily. You need to break it up with alternative workouts to give the body a break and recover. That is why our METCON30 program is simply the most complete express fitness program. It is like the “Extra Strength” of fitness. Just a few workouts a week is all you need to achieve the body, mindset and that vibrant feeling that fitness provides. Giving you more time to do things you want and need to do!


When designing METCON workouts, we try to adopt a few simple rules:

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