Carrol’s 100lbs Weight Loss Journey

I joined Integrity Fitness as an overweight almost 300lb woman, lacking in the confidence to work out in a regular gym and needing the encouragement of elite trainers that “get me”. Donald Magboo took me on ‘hardcore’ pushing my limits and Paul Walker provided me with an easy to follow meal plan, based on food and ingredients I have at home. After working out 5 – 6 days a week and including one on one Personal Training with Donald, I lost over 100LBs. My goal is to be the next Star Client!
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Elizabeth’s Incredible Journey

It was 2006 and I started the year with high expectations and a strong readiness to achieve.  However, my greatest fear came to visit me instead.  On February 28, I found a lump in my breast.  For the most part I concluded it was only a cyst but after all the medical examinations and tests it was shockingly confirmed on Thursday (the day before Good Friday) that I actually had invasive stage 3 HER2 positive breast cancer.  The air escaped me and everything was a complete blur in that moment. I remember having to lean up against a wall to avoid falling – I was devastated.. To make a long story short, my year ended up being NOTHING I ever expected, but somehow still an opportunity to strongly achieve.  I was 32 at the time with no other health issues, making me a good candidate for the more aggressive breast cancer treatment available.  Over a span of 18 months I had 3 surgeries, 2 types of chemotherapy, Herceptin treatment (i.e. targeted ‘biological’ therapy) and radiation.  One of the surgeries however was due to a fall I had down my stairs landing on my left ankle, after a routine nurse visit.  That accident caused two fractures in my leg and a severely broken ankle, which needed two pins to put back together again.  Because I was a cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy, I had to keep my cast on for 3 months, instead of 6 weeks like the average person. After all my medical treatments and physiotherapy I was ready to return to work and I was ready to do something about my health again.
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Susie’s Strong Journey

After having my second child I had stopped working out for a couple of years and was finding it difficult to get myself back to the gym. I found that I was lacking energy and I knew I had to do something about it. It was time that I starting thinking about myself again. I was looking for a gym that would challenge me, motivate me and help me get back on track with my fitness plan.  In 2009, I was introduced to Integrity Fitness and since then I haven’t looked back. Integrity Fitness was exactly what I needed. I had finally found a gym that provided me with the intensity, motivation and guidance that I needed to reach my fitness goals. I was attending the one hour boot camp classes 4 to 5days a week and loved every minute of it.
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