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We may not realize it, but we make decisions everyday, all day long. Every second of the day, we have thoughts and these thoughts are shaping our decisions. And we do it unconsciously.
Once we have a thought, we immediately go to what does that MEAN to us?
* Pain, pleasure, work, fun, happy, sad, regret, family, work, time-consuming.
But how do our thoughts instantly become feelings? How did we attach a MEANING to all “things/events”?
What “things/events “MEAN” to us is always determined by what we compare or contrast them to. This process gives us a feeling and in turn, drives our focus, our thoughts and ultimately, our actions.
For example:
It is Monday morning and you have a busy day, and you look outside and it’s snowing? Can you feel that?
It is the July long weekend and you check the weather and it is sunny, perfectly warm and no rain or clouds in sight? Can you feel that?
You go to that awesome restaurant on a busy Saturday and you’re hungry, and there is no line. Or there is a massive line. Can you feel that?
That is MEANING- it has a feeling and it can change your state and mood instantly.
If we learn to apply a positive meaning in a not-so-good situation, we can change the MEANING and create a more positive perspective. We can enhance our focus and actions. Need a clearer definition?
Have you ever been in the ZONE? Of course you have, we all have. The ZONE is that total head-to-toe incredible vibe and energy that makes us THINK BIG, CONQUER, AND MOVE ANYTHING out of the way. We are mentally empowered and we can go through almost anything and, feel good. When we are in the ZONE, we love it. We want more of it. We ask ourselves, “Why don’t I feel like this all the time?”
When you are in the ZONE, you apply a more positive MEANING to things and you see things very clearly and as they really are. When we feel good, we look at things with the “glass ½ full”. When we feel bad, we look at things as “glass ½ empty”. How do we make ourselves feel good all the time?

Have you ever noticed when you are in the ZONE/connected, you feel grounded. You might be walking in nature or you are with family and feel loved and safe or you are working out. Out of those three things, working out is something I can control and get into my day, everyday. Family – of course at night, because in the morning we are all busy, busy. I also find that working out at a level that matches my comfort, or at a higher intensity brings my mood to at least an 8/10 and many times a 10/10.
The number one strategy to feeling better is…
A simple walk through a park and listening to the things around you is therapy. MOVING your body will change your state and in turn, help you apply a positive meaning to what you’re doing.
If exercise = weight loss, pain, fatigue, hard work, we have already attached a negative MEANING to it.
If your food plan = weight loss, sacrifice, hard work, tasteless, we again have already attached a negative MEANING to it.
Let’s think about changing the meaning of working out and exercise. Let’s talk about the possibility of exercise being a tool for you to get through stress, pain, and BS. Here is my action plan. What do you think? Will it work for you?
  • When I am stressed and I feel like a 4/10. I work out and feel like a 10/10.
  • When I feel like a 10/10 I can see other options and I will 100% reduce my stress. I think that maybe I am making things more important than they really are.
  • When I have problems and I feel like a 5/10. I work out and feel like a 10/10.
  • When the shit-hits-the-fan, I run to the gym. I work hard and as my endorphins go up, and my mind clears, I come up with a plan or two.
  • *When I have slow and sluggish day and I feel like a 2/10. I work out and feel like a 10/10.
  •  Low energy is not a place I like to be at. Again, I run to the gym. I work hard to get the blood flowing and it wakes me up.
Exercise = Me feeling like a 10/10.
The amount of time and/or intensity may differ, but moving is the cheapest, easiest and most long-lasting solution. Shopping and spending or eating are very temporary and the feeling is gone quickly.
Now let’s examine the long-term benefits. During periods of stress, pain, and suffering, while many would push the training to the side, I am training to get myself through it. To make me stronger, clearer and more capable of applying a more positive MEANING to everything. That strategy keeps me strong 365 days a year no matter what happens, NOTHING. I am addicted to feeling better and making better decisions.
So, try it. Change your meaning towards exercise. Use it as a VEHICLE to give everything you do a better and positive MEANING.
Yours in Fitness,
Paul Walker
Founder Integrity Fitness
Fitness is not a destination. Fitness is a lifestyle