Paul Walker Personal Mission Statement

“It is my mission to adhere to the highest moral principles, and provide honest, exceptional service. I will adhere to the highest professional standards and leadership. I will provide to the best of my ability, the tools, leadership, and motivation needed for my clients to reach all their fitness aspirations.”

 Ahead of the Curve

Paul Walker is the owner of Paul’s Boot Camp (PBC), an innovative entrepreneur and one of the most recognized fitness professionals in all of Ontario. Never settling for the status quo, he takes risks and thinks outside the norm. His talent, drive, and passion for health and fitness, is what led to his launch of the first ever, group training style, boot camp fitness centre in Vaughan: PBC.

A pioneer in the industry, PBC wasn’t Paul’s only first-to-market endeavour. In 1997, he launched Canada’s first personal training studio, charging only $63 per week for unlimited training! Times have certainly changed since then. In 1999, Paul designed what is known today as structured-periodized personal training and group X personal training. Ten years later, it became a fitness phenomenon. Today, Paul continues to exercise his keen sense for pinpointing the most cutting edge, effective and results-producing fitness innovations before they hit the market.

A Difficult Past

Paul wasn’t always the fit, happy, confident person he is today.  Overweight as a child, Paul battled cruel, abusive behaviour from bullies at school and knew first hand what it felt to like be judged, victimized and stripped of opportunities.  Feelings of guilt and insecurity plagued his childhood until he made a commitment to lose weight and improve his health at the age of 12.  Ever since, he has devoted himself wholeheartedly to stay in shape and finds fulfillment in helping others do the same.  His passion for group training, coupled with his empathetic nature and groundbreaking fitness programs enable him to help his clients achieve their most challenging goals.

A Background Rich in Experience

Not only did Paul quickly excel in his professional career as his personal training studio reached over 5000 clients in just three years, but he also continued to advance personally, placing as high as third after competing in two province-wide, drug-free bodybuilding competitions in 1998.
In 2004, Paul sold his shares in the studio to pursue personal training geared towards young athletes and aspiring golfers.  By 2005, Paul had yet another groundbreaking vision to bring to the market: a mobile fitness studio which would conduct professional training sessions and attend major sporting events around the city.  Golf clubs hired him to help with tournament preparation while he simultaneously began to attract a huge following of past clients – the bulk of whom were women.  Training resumed, only this time it took on a new form: outdoor, dry-land, athletic style training.  A boot camp for women.  Paul was all in. It was an innovative, exciting and wildly effective fitness concept that had never been heard of prior to the summer of 2005.  Since Paul decided to dedicate his career to women’s health he has built a four time award winning program and studio. Ten years later May 2015, PBC has had 417,000 client appointments! The plan now is to bring PBC across Ontario.

Milestones and Qualifications

In addition to his Personal Training, Lifestyle Coaching and Performance Nutrition certifications, Paul has three college diplomas.  Physical or academic, he has an unwavering work ethic that leads to excellence in all he does.  With tens of thousands of professional hours under his belt, just a few of his major milestones and accreditations include:
  • Celebrity Trainer on Rogers Television for one year
  • Boot Camp and Mobile Fitness Studio featured on City TV
  • Ambassador for Lululemon
  • The owner of Canada’s only exclusive indoor boot camp program
  • Recognized for his exceptional boot camp program in CityLife Magazine, The Vaughan Liberal, The Vaughan Citizen, Whatever Magazine, and Vaughan Today.
  • Received the Annual Best of Vaughan Award in 2012, presented by Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua
In the local Vaughan community, Paul’s Boot Camp supports charitable organizations, provides hundreds of free boot camp sessions on a yearly basis to raise money for reputable causes, and sponsors both girls and boys athletic teams.

It’s Personal

At PBC, Paul is not the type to hide behind the walls of his office or manage his facilities from a distance.  On the contrary, he’s on the floor right next to you – working, training, and connecting with clients.  Adventurous, creative, and open minded, Paul takes his role very seriously, and in his own words, “I have a responsibility and an obligation to my clients to help them safely achieve excellence in all aspects of personal health and fitness.”
For him, PBC is much more than a job – it is a livelihood.  He lives it, he breathes it … and he loves every minute of it.