Integrity Fitness LTD.

Business and Code of Ethics & Philosophy

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“Integrity is everything. Integrity Fitness is about adhering to the highest moral principles and provide exceptional service. In this business integrity is about who you are, what you represent and your training philosophy. This is turn helps you create a strict code of ethics that you abide by. Without Integrity and your code of ethics it is easy to lose focus and the “why” you’re a training professional.  Integrity inspires me to provide to the best of my ability, the tools, leadership and motivation needed for my team and clients to reach all their aspirations. “

Paul Walker


Integrity Fitness LTD


 Integrity Fitness Mission Statement

It is our mission to provide group training in a circuit training format that can be personalized to meet each client’s needs and match their abilities. We will try to achieve all of the same benefits of expensive customized private training at a quarter of the cost. This is achieved by planning a fitness schedule/program that is created to train all clients safely, prevent over training, target training preferences and provide a complete fitness program that will encompass every facet of good health and lifestyle.


There’s Always Something New

The fitness industry is dynamic and fast-paced.  The hottest workout trend today could be old news by the time you wake up in the morning.  Stagnant, single-faceted fitness models cannot survive such fast industry changes, whereas Paul’s Boot Camp is specifically designed to drive and embrace change.  New technologies are introduced on a daily basis and workouts are never repeated – not even once!  Our boot-camp, group-training philosophy is flexible and diverse, not only catering to proven “shock the body” exercise techniques that maximize results, but also perfectly positioning our business in an industry that demands constant change.


The PBC Way

At PBC, we’re a little different.  And we take pride in that.  What can you expect when you walk through the door?

  • Programs that sell themselves
  • Fresh and exciting workouts – every single day
  • A humble, straight-up, no-nonsense attitude
  • Personalization
  • Open and honest professionals to talk to and work with

For Women

PBC’s programs are specifically and exclusively designed for women.  It is this very fact that sets us apart from other fitness facilities and allows us to successfully target a small niche in the marketplace.  What does this mean for you?  It means that the development of our dynamic, results-producing circuit training programs revolve around women just like you.  We know what works and what doesn’t and we’ve got the success stories to prove it.


Our Commitment to You

Here at PBC, we aim to provide you with all the same benefits you’d get with a private personal trainer at a quarter of the cost!  We do this through the creative planning of a fitness program designed to train you safely, prevent over training, target personal preferences, and provide a complete regimen that encompasses all facets of a fit and healthy lifestyle.

PBC’s Future

Launched in 2005, PBC is constantly evolving as a business.  What started as a mobile boot camp fitness service that travelled to parks, conservation areas and residential homes, evolved into two 5,000 sq. ft. World Class Training training facilities.  Paul’s Boot camp by Integrity fitness is a four time award winning studio having won the Gold  award  for “The Best in Vaughan” in 2012. In addition, nominated and voted the top fitness club in Vaughan for 2013, 2014, and 2015 by Top Choice Awards.  Not a day goes by when we’re not researching new training techniques or educating ourselves on the ever-changing world of fitness.  When a new workout trend hits the market or the latest fitness fad takes off, one thing is for certain: if it’s legit and if our research proves it’s a good technique, we’ll have it here first.

Because of the fundamental design of our business, what will absolutely never change is our creation of robust, never-seen-before, WOW-factor circuit training programs for women.

Make Your Move.