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Fitness Team of the Year 2017 – Greater Toronto Area

Integrity Fitness is committed to teaching its clients how to train to the highest possible moral principles whilst providing exceptional service.Their training schedule is very unique and can be personalized to meet each client’s needs and match their abilities, as Paul informs us. “Here at Integrity Fitness, we set world class standards with the company goal of trying to achieve all the benefits of expensive customized private training at a quarter of the cost. Our goal is to provide a one-stop complete fitness program that will encompass every facet of good health and lifestyle.” In regards to the success the business has had, Paul outlines how they have been able to achieve their goals. “Self-motivation, relentlessness, passionate, and above all committed to achieving two goals: getting better each day and making an impact on the lives of others. Spending 70 hours a week, 51 weeks a year for 20 years, living breathing and sweating out fitness.” Based in Toronto, Canada, Integrity Fitness has recently remodelled their program to match the trends that have been occurring across the globe, Paul details how the company have been able to adapt and plans for moving forward. “Supporting one another is how we are able to provide the very highest standard of service to our clients. Looking ahead, our plans are to grow every year and the clients demand trends set the tone. We have expanded to two locations and doubled our client base in three years. Multiple locations and groom more leaders.

I am busy 24/7. Here’s How I Find Time To Exercise, Eat Right, And Have Fun

I’m busy 24/7! I am constantly keeping myself in check to create some calm and routine. As a busy teacher, personal trainer, mom and fitness junkie, I’ve found that small things lead to big changes. My favourite quote of all time is from Saint Francis of Assisi, “Start by doing what is necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you’re doing the impossible.” Ithas been my mantra for many tough situations that I may find myself in, like managing a hectic schedule. Being constantly on the go means that it is essential to keep balance in my life through habits that I practice every week. These habits have created peace of mind while still allowing me to have fun and fit it all in. Habit #1: Take advantage of the night

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