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Love Your Body Results to Expect

What can you expect?

  • More muscle and less fat.
  • Less artery-clogging gunk in your blood-both your total cholesterol and LDL, or “bad” cholesterol, dropped.
  • Less belly fat.
  • More upper body strength-up
  • More lower body strength-up
  • Belly fat-down
  • Body fat-down
  • Body fat weight-down

Love Your Body – Contest Rules


  • Train 16 times over 30 days here at the club, or for the TAKE ACTION ladies, the in-home video’s will work
  • Eat awesome for thirty days with your own meal plans or ones we will provide for you
  • Two pictures before you start.
    • Take a picture of you in a fitted fitness workout outfit and, your feet on the scale with your weight showing
  • Two pictures when you finish.
    • Take a picture of you in a fitted fitness workout outfit and, your feet on the scale with your weight showing
  • Your 411 results and comments


Love Your Body 30-Day Transformation Contest ….Get into the best shape of your life- literally!

Love Your Body 30-Day Transformation Contest ….Get into the best shape of your life- literally!

Love Your Body 30-Day Transformation Contest ….

Get into the best shape of your life- literally

There is no real definitive date, time, or place that inspires ladies to make a decision and get back into “another health” kick.

There is no real definitive reason that causes her inspiration. But when her mind makes a decision that now is the time, enough is enough, she becomes unstoppable.

She is ready to go for next level results. She KNOWS that there is no such thing as the perfect time. There will always be a distraction, work, tasks and other BS excuses.


My goal is to be ready for that moment and be prepared for you when you say “GO”. I need to keep the inspiration going. We try things like:

  • variety of workouts
  • consistent upgrades in exercises
  • changes in the programming
  • new team trainer times
  • private training
  • challenges


What is this? 


Change your body and WIN BIG in 5 easy steps

  1. Registration between Thursday August 9th to Friday August 17th
  2. Pick a category you want to try and win
    1. Comeback – Change your mission and your body – lose weight- period.
    2. Fitness – Become the leanest and fittest you in 30 days
    3. Thicc/Hourglass – try to be the best Hourglass you
  3. Take a picture of you in a fitted fitness workout outfit and, your feet on the scale with your weight showing
  4. Train at least 4x per week and eat awesome for 30 days
  5. E-mail after 30-days with your starting picture(s), final pictures and write out your results, benefits and changes that you made


At the end of the week ,we will pick the best candidates in each category and, let you decide the winner by voting.

How to boost your metabolism for maximum weight loss

How to boost your metabolism for maximum weight loss
Managing our weight is something we should do as a part of a healthy lifestyle. If the scale is moving up or down, we most likely know why. It is the cause and effect of our lifestyle management. More specifically, it is how we are governing our meal planning and training. However, even if you are managing your meal planning and training well, you may still be struggling to shed the pounds. If so, your slow metabolism may be the culprit.
Metabolism is defined as the speed that your body turns the calories you consume into useable energy. The stronger the metabolism, the more effortless it is to lose weight and keep it off. It is true, some people do have naturally high metabolisms and are blessed with good genetics. It is also true that we all store body fat differently and that might give the impression that we have less body fat (in clothes). But, for most of us, including me, it is a consistent commitment to working on some techniques can rev up a slow metabolism. It will take work by making efficient changes to your diet, exercise routine and lifestyle. But it can and will boost your metabolic rate and help with weight loss.

Read More

Nizana Believed She Could, So She Did

Can you relate? You have an idea that you need or want to do something but you can never find the time or the motivation to do it.  Days turn into weeks…and weeks into months. By the time you know it, all you can do is look back and wonder why you never started it sooner?

The following ~ She Believed She Could, So She Did ~ story that we wanted to share with our fitness family is about Nizana. For a while she had been telling herself that she needs to do something. She was not comfortable in her own skin. She tried almost everything including going to the gym and “dieting”. Nothing changed. She had no motivation. But one day, she finally convinced herself that she needed to make a change and she needed it to start asap.

When she first began her journey at Integrity Fitness she was doubtful. She didn’t think she could keep up with her workouts or her clean eating meal plan which she received from Meghan  (Integrity Fitness nutritionist).

But of course all that changed when she realized how easy and rewarding it was both psychically and mentally. She attended our Metcon30 program 3 times a week, but then slowly increased it to 4, then 5 and now she attends Metocn30 6 times a week and loves it! It is part of her daily routine. It is no longer something she just thinks about doing. Nizana has made it a priority to find 30 mins a day to come to a place that makes her feel happy. Even her entire family knows everything comes after her workout.

Her entire mentality as a whole has changed towards weight loss. It is not just about losing weight; but it is a lifestyle change and finding out that she has become a healthier version of herself.

Her biggest obstacles were the 2 things that she feared the most. First, being on a “diet” and second ‘going to the gym’. Whenever she used to think about a fitness journey she thought about weight loss, which then led her to think of dieting (not eating) and going to gym and just running on a treadmill.

But pushing through these obstacles, Nizana is proud that she has taken on these obstacles and overcome her fears.  She has learned to make better food choices (healthier foods) and increase her strength and endurance in her workouts. Nizana has said that ‘she never thought she would get this far.’

A quote that she has seen on the wall at Integrity Fitness is one that she truly believes in and has helped her change her perspective on what a fitness journey is, “It is not about eating less, it’s about eating right.”

After a year of working on herself and making these changes, she has found not only a passion for fitness, but a love to meal prep. She enjoys finding new and healthy ways to prepare her food and truly enjoys the process.

One piece of advice that she wants to share with others is:

“START and don’t give up. Don’t tell yourself you will do it next week or the week after, just do it. It will seem hard at the beginning, you might feel like nothing will change, but wait for it and it will come like a wave and you will never go back to how you use to be.”

“Remind yourself it is not just to lose weight; it is a journey to become a healthier and better version of you.”