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Carrol’s 100lbs Weight Loss Journey

I joined Integrity Fitness as an overweight almost 300lb woman, lacking in the confidence to work out in a regular gym and needing the encouragement of elite trainers that “get me”. Donald Magboo took me on ‘hardcore’ pushing my limits and Paul Walker provided me with an easy to follow meal plan, based on food and ingredients I have at home. After working out 5 – 6 days a week and including one on one Personal Training with Donald, I lost over 100LBs. My goal is to be the next Star Client!

Paul Walker literally saved my life; I do not have high or low blood pressure, no concerns about diabetes, my BMI is almost half of what it was at 287lb, I have a lot more energy and I find the days are going by so much faster now that I am out and about…as opposed to staying at home, watching television and eating junk food .