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We are almost done ladies and somebody will be winning a $1000.000 Yorkdale card, just in time for Christmas! That also means that our time, our schedules, and our routines will begin to be challenged. So before we finish the TAKE ACTION V challenge, let’s talk about how to be prepared now, for the holidays. Let’s have a plan for your body and mind to stay healthy. Let’s talk about a couple of obstacles and how to work through them.

Let’s talk about keeping the ‘flow’ going.

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Why Is It Important to Have Personal Boundaries?

Why Is It Important to Have Personal Boundaries?
Boundaries are the limits and rules we set for ourselves within relationships.
I have been a coach for over 20 years. Like many coaches I wanted people to feel better and to solve their own dilemmas. I used to follow the two mantras’:
1-    “I’m not happy until you’re happy.”
2-   “I always think I can get better, that is why I am never satisfied and keep working on getting better.”

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THE 365 MEMBERSHIP – Because Loyalty Counts


Because Loyalty Counts

The Perfect Membership For Loyal Customers

  • How would you feel if you could train more often for literally the same money spent?
  • How would you feel if you purchased coaching and you could have saved money?
  • How would you feel if you purchased private training and you had saved money?
  • How would you feel if you could have purchased a challenge and saved money?
  • How would it feel to be unmotivated and have free services at your fingertips to get that motivation back?
  • How would it feel to have a membership at your favourite club and have them offer you loads of perks to everything they do?


365 Loyalty Perks

  • 365 Loyalty Perk 1- Raise your level accountability – the secret to success is to have goals and then plan ways to make yourself accountable. To stay on track with your own goals and dreams. How? Coaching with an expert. We have one of the best in Meghan and you will receive 20% off her services. Gold and platinum plan, you get them free. Receive up to 12 free accountability coaching sessions
  • 365 Loyalty Perk 2- We always have very competitive rates for our supplements. You will now receive 20% off our regular rates (or bulk discounts), all the time.
  • 365 Loyalty Perk 3-  Maybe you need private training to maximize your gains. We will give 20% off reg price PT training rates.
  • 365 Loyalty Perk Bonus  – Our fitness and health challenges are a great motivational tool that ladies use all year long. It helps for accountability and motivation! You would receive up to 40% off all challenges next year. That saves you $120 per challenge on avg. Loyalty perk


The 365 Membership – Basic

$128 PBC Per Month for 12 Months  $109 PBC Until November 30th


$  98 METCON Per Month for 12 Months $  88 METCON Until November 30th

  • You can train once a day, everyday
  • 20% off accountability/nutritional coaching sessions
  • 20% off supplements
  • 20% private training
  • 20% off all challenges


The 365 Membership –  Gold

$148 PBC Per Month for 12 Months   $118 PBC Until November 30th

$118 METCON Per Month for 12 Months $  93 METCON Until November 30th

  • You can train once a day, everyday
  • 8 free accountability 20 min coaching sessions with sample meals (Value $210)
  • 20% off all extra nutrition services
  • 20% off most supplements
  • 20% off private training
  • 40% off all challenges (Save $80 on most challenges)



The 365 Membership – Platinum

$178 PBC Per Month for 12 Months  $138 PBC Until November 30th

$118 METCON Per Month for 12 Months $  98 METCON Until November 30th

  • You can train once a day, everyday
  • 6 free accountability coaching sessions  (Value $180)
  • 6 free full nutrition and assessment sessions  meals (Value $360)
  • 20% all extra nutrition services
  • 20% off supplements
  • 25% off private training
  • 40% off all challenges (Save $800 on most challenges)


Training For Fat Loss

Did you know that you can benefit from greater fat loss when you choose exercises that target larger muscle groups like your legs, back and chest? It is true. When you train your big three muscle groups, especially when done in a circuit with minimal break, will help with weight loss because you will be burning more calories during your workout.


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FREE YOGA – Yoga Light & Integrity Fitness Partnership

Go visit our neighbours (at our east location). They are only two doors away. 


51 Jevlan Drive, Unit #2

I have always promoted the addition of yoga into all fitness programs. The benefits are endless. I personally find yoga very challenging because it does strengthen the body while increasing flexibility and mobility. I personally will be using this partnership  and add yoga from YOGA LIGHT to  my fitness regime. Come join me. 

Other physical benefits of yoga include:
  • Increased flexibility.
  • Increased muscle strength and tone.
  • Improved respiration, energy and vitality.
  • Maintaining a balanced metabolism.
  • Weight reduction.
  • Cardio and circulatory health.
  • Improved athletic performance.
  • Protection from injury.



If you are a member, you will notice that you can your book yoga on or APP. We have made it very simple. Click, book and show-up! That is it.

What time and sessions can you attend? 


Movement and Meditation

Mondays 6pm (75 minutes, non-heated)

25 spaces

Get lost in the movement of the flow to find your presence. This class is dedicated to cultivating a calm mind and open heart through synchronized breath and movement to prepare the body and mind for an enjoyable seated meditation. After 60 minutes of flowing, strengthening, and opening, you will be guided through a calm, practical meditation. A meditation practice teaches you to stay present outside of the practice, in day-to-day life, and to recognize that we are not our thoughts.  Leave this class feeling rejuvenated, and with techniques you can use on your own on a daily basis. No prior meditation experience is required.

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