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The Queens ‘Go To” Workout for the most results in the least time!

METCON is short for metabolic conditioning.  At Integrity Fitness, METCON30 is a fast, intense and very calculated circuit designed for a woman’s body. We execute this form of training in a very specific way to stimulate every muscle in the body including the almighty heart! This style of circuit training is so powerful, the physical demand maximizes fat loss and, improved lean muscle for perfect toning in just 30 minutes.

Why just 30 minutes, why not more? Our METCON30 requires near maximal effort for about 70% of your workout with only 30% of your time resting. This means, that if planned and executed properly, more than 30 minutes of METCON is just not sustainable for much longer than that if you train regularly. In fact, it is so effective that you can’t do METCON30 daily. You need to break it up with alternative workouts to give the body a break and recover. That is why our METCON30 program is simply the most complete express fitness program. It is like the “Extra Strength” of fitness. Just a few workouts a week is all you need to achieve the body, mindset and that vibrant feeling that fitness provides. Giving you more time to do things you want and need to do!


When designing METCON workouts, we try to adopt a few simple rules:

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