When is it time to be GREAT – to me?

When is it time to be GREAT – to me?

There is a time to be good and then there is a time to be great! We need to learn the difference and give ourselves permission to make the adjustment when it’s time to be GREAT. The question is, how do you know when to switch  from being good to being great?

The greatest needs of a human are to grow, love, learn, be significant and contribute. When we are in the “GREAT-ZONE”, we are trying to achieve happiness by making our lives better to match our vision of where we think we should be.  We all have our own ideas of excellence for family, business, wealth, fitness and health, adventure, romance, etc.  I personally feel like I am in the GREAT-ZONE when I am working on some of those areas and making them even better. I feel great when I am learning, growing, contributing and pushing my boundaries and working on my self-improvement.

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Your dreams are who you are.

We are rolling through this challenge and you should have a good idea of what changes you need to make into your schedule to fit fitness in. What we need to do is write out a plan. A plan written down is super powerful. And when you are done, sign it! Sign your plan.
Why a plan now? How are we going to keep this motivation and momentum going?

Let’s start the plan by writing what we can and are willing to do. We can start the process by asking ourselves a few questions or making an INTENTION. Let’s start:

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Cassandra Believed She Could, So She Did


Over the last four years Cassandra felt like she had let herself go. At first she blamed it on a hard job and failed relationships, but now realizes that she simply just stopped taking care of herself and found comfort in bad habits. When she moved back to Vaughan last year she felt embarrassed to see people that she hadn’t seen in years because of how much weight she had gained. She confided in a friend – a current member of Integrity Fitness -Alex Montecalvo, who suggested that she try out the Metcon30 workouts at Integrity fitness. Her friend advised her that the “classes are hard but they are only 30 minutes”. Cassandra decided that she needed to try something, no matter how hard it would be. She signed up for a one month trial, even though in the upcoming two weeks she was leaving for a trip to Australia. Needless to say she ended up going every day from the day she signed up to the day before she left for her trip. While on vacation pictures were taken and she was taken aback by just how much her body had changed from all the years of not taking care of herself. When she returned, she knew that she had to do something to get healthier and feel better about herself.


She put a plan into place and signed up for more sessions and created a schedule for herself that she knew she would stick to.  Shortly after making this commitment, she found that she had more energy and was getting much stronger. But overall, the biggest change was the shift in her mentality towards fitness. It has changed from something she needs to do to something she wants to do.


While she faced many obstacles along the way, she found the biggest obstacle was overcoming the fear of failure. She was so worried about being embarrassed when she started off in the Metcon30 program and again when she started going to the one hour Boot Camp classes because she thought she wouldn’t be able to keep up.  But that fear of failure disappeared quickly because with every class she took, she was pushing harder and feeling better.


The way she approaches her fitness lifestyle is to not set goals about what the numbers on the scale should read, but to continuously improve herself in each class.


Her one piece of advice she would give to someone starting their fitness journey, would be to: Not give up. It doesn’t necessarily get easier, but you get better.