We may not realize it, but we make decisions everyday, all day long. Every second of the day, we have thoughts and these thoughts are shaping our decisions. And we do it unconsciously.
Once we have a thought, we immediately go to what does that MEAN to us?
* Pain, pleasure, work, fun, happy, sad, regret, family, work, time-consuming.
But how do our thoughts instantly become feelings? How did we attach a MEANING to all “things/events”?
What “things/events “MEAN” to us is always determined by what we compare or contrast them to. This process gives us a feeling and in turn, drives our focus, our thoughts and ultimately, our actions.
For example:
It is Monday morning and you have a busy day, and you look outside and it’s snowing? Can you feel that?
It is the July long weekend and you check the weather and it is sunny, perfectly warm and no rain or clouds in sight? Can you feel that?
You go to that awesome restaurant on a busy Saturday and you’re hungry, and there is no line. Or there is a massive line. Can you feel that?
That is MEANING- it has a feeling and it can change your state and mood instantly.
If we learn to apply a positive meaning in a not-so-good situation, we can change the MEANING and create a more positive perspective. We can enhance our focus and actions. Need a clearer definition?
Have you ever been in the ZONE? Of course you have, we all have. The ZONE is that total head-to-toe incredible vibe and energy that makes us THINK BIG, CONQUER, AND MOVE ANYTHING out of the way. We are mentally empowered and we can go through almost anything and, feel good. When we are in the ZONE, we love it. We want more of it. We ask ourselves, “Why don’t I feel like this all the time?”
When you are in the ZONE, you apply a more positive MEANING to things and you see things very clearly and as they really are. When we feel good, we look at things with the “glass ½ full”. When we feel bad, we look at things as “glass ½ empty”. How do we make ourselves feel good all the time?

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Julie Believed She Could, So She Did

A working mother with three young children under the age of 10, Julie struggled after her pregnancies to get her pre-baby body back.

She found it difficult to find time to exercise as she juggled taking care of her family and career.
As a Chiropractor, she always advises her patients to exercise regularly. Keeping your body strong, strengthening your posture and staying active is always part of her treatmentplan for her patients. Yet she finds it was difficult to make time to exercise. “I was beginning to feel tired, sore and weak. It was at this point in my life I made the decision to finally make time to get stronger and feel better.”

Julie’s goal from the beginning was never about weight, it was about increasing her energy level and feeling stronger. She didn’t want to make exercise a means to a short term goal, like a number on a scale. Exercise needed to be part of her lifestyle forever, it is a very important part of staying healthy.

“Since I joined the Metcon30 program and have been exercising regularly my body shape has changed. I have lost inches off of my waist, thighs and arms. My clothes fit better and best of all, my patients are noticing! It is a great feeling to be able to share with my patients the changes I have seen in myself and my body since I joined Integrity Fitness one year ago.”

“It wasn’t easy to come to this point in my life. Like many other moms, I have to juggle the kids, their activities, work life, personal life and my time at the gym. But just like any other important appointment that I have, I make it a priority to schedule in my Metcon30 workouts. I am proud of myself for making a commitment to achieving better health and sticking with it.”
As we all know exercise and eating better go hand in hand. For Julie, she decided in the beginning that her focus was to get stronger. Based on her past experience she knew that if she stressed to do everything all at once – exercise and change her eating habits – it wouldn’t work for her and she would most likely fail. So she focused first on exercise and as she began to feel better, she made better food choices.

Julie’s advice to anyone starting or stuck during their fitness journey is not to wait to make these changes until you drop the 15lbs or until you start eating better. Start exercising and continue to work on eating healthy. Dietary changes take a long time and can be difficult. Most of all, don’t let the number on your scale be the determining factor if your exercise program is working. Listen to your body and look at your body. Is your body shape changing? Do you feel better? That is what is important.
Be nice to yourself and take care of yourself….you’re worth it!

METCON- The best total body workout for you

The term metabolic workouts needs to be excised from the English language.  I’m not here to argue it’s definition.  What I’m going to do is give you some science behind the 3 most common types of metabolic conditioning.  I still wish that the term wasn’t haphazardly used is 99% of the sales meeting across North America.  I figure after reading this post at least they’ll have some understanding to back up their fancy science language.


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Anwar Believed She Could, So She Did

We all have our own opinion of what our goals should be. Sometimes it includes the number on the scale, the efforts we have placed into our actions and sometimes it’s just about feeling more comfortable in our own skin. Everyone has a story to tell and for those that feel comfortable sharing it, we welcome it. Your journey, your struggles, your success can be inspiration to others or the push they need to get them started.

Our first ~ She Believed She Could, So She Did ~ story that we want to share is about Anwar. She has made a remarkable difference in her life and transformed herself into a women that she was longing to be.

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