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Paul's Boot Camp 

55-Min High Intensity Training Med Group

Our award-winning program continues to be world-class. Our Virtual training give you world-class training with our award winning team of trainers. The PBC room will have 3 workout blocks. Each block will have a 7 min strength & toning workout followed by a 4 min HIIT, fat burn, cardio, calorie burn workout. There will be a max of two station changes per workout.

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55-Min Semi-Private Team Training

55-Min Semi-Private training, will provide all the benefits of private personal training, at a fraction of the cost! Each one of our trainers is unique and can offer programs that will meet the needs of any individual. Our trainers are all certified and continue to keep up with the new industry trends that arise. Our Personal Training programs deliver quality results in a comfortable and motivating atmosphere.

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Live Streaming

Live streaming connects you to a real instructor who wants you to achieve your goals just as much as you want to reach them. Join us for live streaming classes with your favorite  trainers. Connect with them in real time. Killer HIIT, Strength Training, Cardio, Stretching & More! Get the same intense workout without the commute.

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Video On Demand 

The newest and extremely exciting development in our program is our video on demand library training. Our library will be a constant source of exciting workouts and fitness programs sent directly to your inbox.
New workouts will be added every week. 

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Maintaining a good fitness regimen isn’t only about exercising on a regular basis – it has a lot to do with what you eat too. Healthy eating plays an integral role in weight loss, strengthening, toning, and shaping. No matter what your fitness goals, when you bring diet and nutrition into the picture, you are bound to achieve faster results in a more sustainable way.