HOLIDAY SPECIAL - Integrity Fitness


Let’s talk about keeping the ‘flow’ going.

Obstacle: Time

In many cases the first thing we tend to eliminate to give us more time, is our health routine. Why? Because skipping the training will give us back 3-6 hours per week to do other things. That could be shopping, wrapping, parties, holiday cheer, or just a warm blanket on the couch with a glass of wine or cup of tea.



Let’s be honest with ourselves, time will be tight, and our training/nutrition will not be perfect. We will miss some workouts, and that is okay. We must focus on keeping the flow going.

­­­­­This includes eating healthy and training a couple of times per week. Give yourself permission to eat a little and skip a workout here and there. But don’t stop or worse, delete your focus on your fitness journey entirely. Starting fresh again is too painful.


Obstacle: “I won’t see results, so what’s the point?

Many people feel that it is kind of pointless to keep training when ‘results’ are not going to happen. This statement maybe true but, this is NOT a healthy mindset long term.



Your energy can be your greatest weapon to achieving results. Do I need to remind everybody that two to three weeks of not training, not eating well, skipping meals and adding in mega meals, drinking, and partying will not add any value to your energy. We have all been there.

Let’s avoid this and make plans to start the new year with fabulous goals and the energy to take the first step. Training keeps you inspired and motivated. It gives you energy. It keeps you in the flow and aligned with your health goals.


So I hope this helps ladies and wish you all the very best of luck next week!

And please, stay in the flow and keep some sort of routine going to keep the habits going.

Stop trying to be perfect.