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We have all tried to start new habits and take better care of ourselves, our bodies and our minds.
The challenge is about YOU taking that step towards exactly that – Self Care and Self Love.
Let’s talk about “SELF CARE AND SELF LOVE”.
It is normal to forget about ourselves because we are running around like crazy trying to get everything done. We start to move away from things we really want to do. We may feel we don’t deserve it or we don’t have time to fulfill our needs. Question is, have we learned how to give ourselves “SELF CARE AND SELF LOVE”?

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We may not realize it, but we make decisions everyday, all day long. Every second of the day, we have thoughts and these thoughts are shaping our decisions. And we do it unconsciously.
Once we have a thought, we immediately go to what does that MEAN to us?
* Pain, pleasure, work, fun, happy, sad, regret, family, work, time-consuming.
But how do our thoughts instantly become feelings? How did we attach a MEANING to all “things/events”?
What “things/events “MEAN” to us is always determined by what we compare or contrast them to. This process gives us a feeling and in turn, drives our focus, our thoughts and ultimately, our actions.
For example:
It is Monday morning and you have a busy day, and you look outside and it’s snowing? Can you feel that?
It is the July long weekend and you check the weather and it is sunny, perfectly warm and no rain or clouds in sight? Can you feel that?
You go to that awesome restaurant on a busy Saturday and you’re hungry, and there is no line. Or there is a massive line. Can you feel that?
That is MEANING- it has a feeling and it can change your state and mood instantly.
If we learn to apply a positive meaning in a not-so-good situation, we can change the MEANING and create a more positive perspective. We can enhance our focus and actions. Need a clearer definition?
Have you ever been in the ZONE? Of course you have, we all have. The ZONE is that total head-to-toe incredible vibe and energy that makes us THINK BIG, CONQUER, AND MOVE ANYTHING out of the way. We are mentally empowered and we can go through almost anything and, feel good. When we are in the ZONE, we love it. We want more of it. We ask ourselves, “Why don’t I feel like this all the time?”
When you are in the ZONE, you apply a more positive MEANING to things and you see things very clearly and as they really are. When we feel good, we look at things with the “glass ½ full”. When we feel bad, we look at things as “glass ½ empty”. How do we make ourselves feel good all the time?

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METCON- The best total body workout for you

The term metabolic workouts needs to be excised from the English language.  I’m not here to argue it’s definition.  What I’m going to do is give you some science behind the 3 most common types of metabolic conditioning.  I still wish that the term wasn’t haphazardly used is 99% of the sales meeting across North America.  I figure after reading this post at least they’ll have some understanding to back up their fancy science language.


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Mondays Both East & West Locations

Metabolic Boot Camp – This workout was specifically placed on Mondays for both Programs for a reason. It is a next level, game changer workout. Properly planned, this workout is unparalleled for burning loads of those weekends calories, attacking the stored body fat and toning the body. Yes- all at once! In addition, it will supercharge your engine (body)and give you a lot of energy once you have refueled.

Why would I do it?  “This is the perfect post weekend workout. I do it myself. Why? It eats up tonnes of calories. It makes me stronger. It challenges me and pushes my mental game. It also shakes the weekend ‘fog’, fire up my bodies engine and burns calories for 24 hours after I have finished.  Plus a great leg toner workout. Simply put, It is the most complete workout for those who want to reduce body fat and tone. My Metabolic Boot Camp day looks like: Squats, push-ups, lunges, pull-ups,box jumps, burpees.” Paul Walker

Muscles: Total Body – 50% legs, 15-20% chest, 15-20% back and 10-15%  big muscles exercises.

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