TAKE ACTION VI - $10,000 Contest - Integrity Fitness

TAKE ACTION VI – $10,000 Contest


Registration will then open up again on Thursday  January 3rd.  


Why this TAKE ACTION STYLE of challenge…

This challenge was designed from deeply analyzing all the best qualities from our three challenges we offer:

  • TAKE ACTION challenge
  • Our fast four-week weight loss challenge
  • Our transformation challenges.

Our Mission

We want to inspire people to train with purpose, fuel their bodies with awareness and help clients set and conquer their goals. (and have everybody lose 10lbs)

Sponsorship Opportunities for business and gain 1/2 price registration. 


How register  guide…

  • Register at any location. First 50 people early bird discount.
  • Choose your start date.
  • Submit your ‘before’ photo’s
  • Eat and train fabulously for 45 days
  • Submit your ‘after’ photo’s

WHAT IS THE ENTRY FEE for the 45 days?

 Suited for current member with membership or in-home training membership

$275 (+hst) per person – Train at Home OR Train with Current Active Package

Only $229 Plus HST – $258.77 _____________


  • Add unlimited 45-day Studio Membership for only $149 $109 More
  • Add Up grade to full service for only $69 more.
    • We do the initial weigh-in, pictures and Q&A.
    • One mid-challenge follow-up session
    • The final weigh-in, pictures and Q&A

This service includes:

  • Live Talks or Webinars
  • E-mail Support
  • Transformation workouts
  • Motivational Newsletter
  • Transformation workouts
  • 6 Meal plans with two choice options
  • In-home membership with our In-home workouts to train with




$8,900 in Total Prizes Transformation Prizes


1st Place – $5000 in cash & Prizes – $3500 Cash, $1300 membership and, $700 in prizes

2nd Place – $2500 in cash and prizes – $1500 Cash, $600 membership and, $400 in prizes

3rd Place – $1000 Cash + $500 in prizes

Bonus – Top 5 transformations get a full makeover, video story and free training at Integrity Fitness. (Value $400)




There are 3 categories examined in selecting a winner:


  1. Physical Transformation.

This is judged on how different you look after your 45 days. You will lose body fat and experience weight loss. This body fat reduction will be noticeable by more toning and shape. The visual transformation will be a huge factor.


  1. Number of Pounds Lost.

Another factor judged is how much weight you lose. Our goal is 10lbs of fat loss for everybody. You can also submit before and after weight and, if you have it, body fat % reading. The more information, the better we can judge the entry.


  1. Your Story.

Optional – not mandatory. The more information the better, and I am a sucker for a good story. What was the real reasons you participated in this challenge. I want to push you to dig deep and give this your all. When you do – you’ll experience transformations on the inside too. This is just as important as your physical transformation. You will develop more focus, drive and determination that will make a difference not just in the next 45 days but for the rest of your life. At the end of your 45 days you will submit a brief written or video sharing your accomplishments.


Prior to January 16th, after entering and payment, you will be asked to choose your starting date. We will provide you dates to choose from.

  • If you enter after January 16th and choose to start right away, you will have 48 hours to provide your details, establish communication and go grocery shopping.
  • Be a member.
  • Try to attend at least15 workouts at the club during your 45 day period.
  • Upload your starting and ending pictures.
  • Upload ending video, meeting all competition requirements.
  • Conquer your goals and feel empowered about your transformation!


Start dates to choose from:

January 16th to 19th

January 23rd to 26th

January 30th

Ending Photo Requirements:

You must submit your final photos within 72 hours of your 45-day completion.


  • Well lit, front/side/rear full body shots.
  • Use a clean background.
  • Try to use the same clothes as your starting photos.
  • NO FILTERS or photo edits – Just submit the raw image.
  • Generic solid colored gym attire without any large or noticeable logos is acceptable. No attire from any other gym or fitness facility is allowed.

Photo’s will only be shared with permission. All photo’s will be private and reserved for the judges only.


OPTIONAL Written or Video Requirements:

A short written or video recounting your experience and successes will need to be uploaded after your 45 days.


  • Less than 2 minutes long 0r 500 words
  • Why you started your fitness journey.
  • What motivates you to keep going.
  • Did you feel like giving up? what did you do to push yourself through.
  • Any lifestyle changes that came about because of your new found fitness!




Important Dates:

– You must be registered into the competition and begin your 45 days between January 16th to January 30th. This will give you flexibility to work around your personal schedule and map out the bets 45 days for you.


– Judging begins in March 25th

– Winners will be announced in April 5th


Who Can Compete?

All clients that have paid and entered their pre-contest data.

Members only – in-home or studio clients

Non-members automatically enter with registration. They can either train at the club or at home with our workouts


Additional Competition Information and Rules:


*All materials entered pertaining to the competition become the property of Integrity Fitness for use in promoting the competition, and the Integrity Fitness programs in general.


*Although we will do our best to overcome any technical difficulties with competition participants, we are ultimately not responsible for failed submissions or technical difficulties preventing timely access to participation in the competition.



Further Information:


THE ULTIMATE CHALLENGE – Building from the lessons

Through our surveys and post contest interaction, one lesson we have learned is that, when in a challenge, people know they will get results. They are more committed. Most admit the reason they do this is because they are totally ready to invest into themselves and feel great. We have also learned that it is a whole lot more fun, when money is added for motivation to finally push yourself to achieve the body – and the life – that you truly want.


Another important lesson we learned is that, in these challenges we need to find a way to keep people inspired and motivated regardless if they are winning or not. It is easy to feel defeated if you lost 7 lbs after 3 weeks (which is amazing!), but the leader has lost 14lbs!

This happens and some people quit too early. We added as a strategy – to have everybody win. We want your best for 45 days. We want to see you crush it!


We Want Exhilarating and Fulfilling!

We want to make this challenge a real thing. Something incredible that has never been done before in our city. We want it to be exhilarating and fulfilling. We want to create an experience and help everybody launch into 2019 with serious momentum! We want to do something that people will talk about that will motivate everybody to – TAKE ACTION!