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Your dreams are who you are.

We are rolling through this challenge and you should have a good idea of what changes you need to make into your schedule to fit fitness in. What we need to do is write out a plan. A plan written down is super powerful. And when you are done, sign it! Sign your plan.
Why a plan now? How are we going to keep this motivation and momentum going?

Let’s start the plan by writing what we can and are willing to do. We can start the process by asking ourselves a few questions or making an INTENTION. Let’s start:

What are my 5 reasons of why I want to workout?
It is important to be completely honest with yourself. If you can’t be honest with yourself, then this will never work. (I will use mine):

1) Feel young and vibrant
2) Release stress and increase energy
3) Look and feel strong
4) Look and feel lean
5) Feel as healthy as I look.

I am prepared to train ___times per week regardless of my distractions for the next 3 months.
You should have some idea of what time of the day works, what you like and what you need to do to make it happen.

I am prepared not judge myself for mistakes or setbacks, I will simply accept it will take more time. But, I am prepared to change _____________ if my setbacks become routine habits.

Ladies this one is 100% YOUR choice. It is vital that you have very clear picture of what your trying to achieve. It is also important once you answer this, to know what it is going to take to get you there. If you don’t, book some time with me- ASAP. Now, I put down a few physical goals that we all really would like to achieve. I put down the 5 most popular ones, BUT feel free to put your own personal language and wording that maybe more powerful to you.
Based on your ideal commitment to nutrition, training and mindfulness (not perfect- rather than what you can and are willing to do), your physical goals are:

1) Healthy – I will be a healthy body fat, I will exercise regularly, and am conscious of my food intake choices. (healthy body fat for women for a range is
a. (20’s- 22-25%), (30’s – 23-25%), (40’s 24-26%), (50’s- 25%-27%) . Healthy is NOT 18%. That is fitness.

2) Thinner – I should meet my ideal weight or size of my clothing. (I ask this because I have helped ladies meet their ideal weight, but with that little extra muscle, those jeans still don’t fit and they are unhappy).
3) Thin- lean – Ideal weight + some lean muscle + light toning.
4) Lean – I should be ideal weight, have some muscle mass and be visually toned.
5) Strong – Healthy body fat, all muscles are actively trained weekly to maximum performance.
6) Balanced – A healthy body fat, but train the body to be mobile, flexible, active, and a healthy heart. Emphasis on mindfulness included into training.
7) Other- I am looking for others physical goals to aspire too. Please list YOURS if different.

I am committed to exercising at least:
1. 2x per week less than 30 minutes a day
2. 2x per week more than 30 minutes a day
3. 3x per week less than 30 minutes a day
4. 3x per week more than 30 minutes a day
5. 4x per week less than 30 minutes a day
6. 4x per week more than 30 minutes a day
7. 5-7x per week less than 30 minutes a day
8. 5-7x per week more than 30 minutes a day

With my current knowledge of nutrition and to reach my goals, my ideal meal plan will allow me to:
1) Indulge a little daily
2) Indulge occasionally during the week
3) Indulge on the weekends
4) Big Indulge once weekly daily
5) Big Indulge once weekly for one meal
6) Never
7) Other – What do you realistically think is fair?

That is enough for today. That is a lot to think about and it is a lot of planning. Let’s sit on that for a day or two before we push the envelope.
I was thinking about hosting a TALK this Saturday to discuss how to eat and what to eat? We will pass out some meal plans and go through food suggestions.

Paul Walker
Founder Integrity Fitness