METCON30 – A World Class 30 Minutes Workout

What is METCON30?

METCON is short for metabolic conditioning. At Integrity Fitness, METCON30 is a fast, intense and very calculated circuit designed for a woman’s body. We execute this form of training in a very specific way to stimulate every muscle in the body including the almighty heart! This style of circuit training is so powerful, the physical demand maximizes fat loss and, improved lean muscle for perfect toning in just 30 minutes.

Why just 30 minutes, why not more? Our METCON30 requires near maximal effort for about 70% of your workout with only 30% of your time resting. This means, that if planned and executed properly, more than 30 minutes of METCON is just not sustainable for much longer than that if you train regularly. In fact, it is so effective that you can’t do METCON30 daily. You need to break it up with alternative workouts to give the body a break and recover. That is why our METCON30 program is simply the most complete express fitness program. It is like the “Extra Strength” of fitness. Just a few workouts a week is all you need to achieve the body, mindset and that vibrant feeling that fitness provides. Giving you more time to do things you want and need to do!

When designing METCON workouts, we try to adopt a few simple rules:

Rule #1 – Simple Exercises that allow for good form during periods of fatigue.

Rule #2 – You have to use full-body, large muscle groups/movements like sprints, squats, deadlifts, jumps and rows. You can’t use single-joint exercises, small muscle groups or low-intensity exercise and call it “conditioning.”

Rule #3 – It also has to be hard. Doing 40 seconds with light dumbbell curls isn’t doing much for your lungs, your heart or anything. You need to create a “conditioning” effect.

Rule #4- Choose intensity over duration. All out maximum high intensity for about 70% of your workout and rest for abort 30% of your workout. A good example of this would be Tabata. Tabata is a famous HIIT (high intensity interval) circuit used for results quick results. You exercise for 20 seconds at maximum intensity and rest 10 seconds. That is one cycle. Perform 8 cycles and you have a circuit that is exactly 240 seconds. Of that, 70 seconds is rest, which is 70% work and 30% rest, exactly. METCON is the same but for 1800 seconds. Now that will shock your body in a way that is realistic and manageable to the body and mind. Never leave feeling defeated, just with a feeling of victory.

Rule #5 – More coaching is required to motivate and lead through the bursts of intensity.

How does it work for superior results? BY using your “big muscle exercises”, METCON30 will disturb your metabolism and it can take up to 24 hours before it returns to normal. It is super challenging, effective and ideal for maximum results in a short time. We call this metabolism disturbance the EPOC effect and after your workout, you will burn more calories all day long until your metabolism returns to its normal state. In short, what does all of this mean? By using multiple “big muscle exercises” in a series of circuits, with minimal rest, the body is getting stronger, leaner, and using body fat. FAST. Science has proven that. We have proven that.

HOW DOES IT EAT UP MORE BODY FAT? We may have read the old school way to burn more calories proportionately from fat at lower intensity training. With METCON we apply the ‘new school’ thinking. We know we burn far more calories at a higher intensity and when we create a whole lot of metabolic disturbances at this higher intensity, we create the most effective “fat burning zone” there is.



Metabolic Boot CampThis workout was specifically placed on Mondays for both Programs for a reason. It is a next level, game changer workout. Properly planned, this workout is unparalleled for burning loads of those weekends calories, attacking the stored body fat and toning the body. Yes- all at once! In addition, it will super charge your engine (body)and give you a lot of energy once you have refueled.

Why would I do it? Shake the weekend ‘fog’, fire up my body’s engine and burn calories for 24 hours after I have finished. In addition, it is a great leg toner workout.

A true METCON circuit – We use large muscle groups with every other set being lower body for strong, tight glutes. Emphasis is strength on the lower body and endurance on the upper body. Best suited for the combination of fat loss and toning at once.


Strong is the new sexy – After Monday’s workout, the legs will need some recovery, you will have trained them pretty good. The muscle fibres needed for strength in the upper body will still be fresh. This is great because we can use this time to attack the upper body and make it toned so it shows off all that hard work you are doing. By stacking the exercises, the correct way, we can spend Tuesday eating up calories while toning the upper body and hitting the core for a tight waistline.

Why would I do it? When creating balanced fitness, all the major muscles in the body need to be trained. I would add this to your program if you like being strong, and want to see toning. This is your day.

A true METCON circuit – We will minimize the cardio and emphasize strength training for the upper body. Best suited for toning and more energy.


Beach Body Plus – By Wednesday all of our big muscles will need a break. Even though we pushed our heart with METCON circuits, it can still be trained and, we have yet to train our arms. This is the perfect workout to use a non-metcon type of circuit to train them both. This will allow all the big muscles to recover from the previous 48 hours of training. Expect a workout that will make you sweat while toning the arms

Why would I do it? I like a good sweat to make me feel less stressed and focused. I love training and toning my arms, but just enough so they don’t get too big.

A non-METCON circuit – We will maximize cardio, emphasize the arms for body fat reduction. Keeping your summer body ready 24/7. Best suited for fat loss and toning arms.


Rock Bottom Boot Camp – The legs are now fresh and ready for some work! Thursday is the day to attack the lower body and really focus on toning and firmness. If you have a goal of firmer thighs and round glutes, Thursday is a must book day! Our trainers, and our clients KNOW, we are famous for our boot camp ‘Bubble Butt” workouts. We will bring these PBC secrets into the METCON room. Ladies make yourself free for 30 minutes a week for Thursdays!

Why would I do it? Some ladies don’t like training upper body, I don’t really like to train my legs. BUT I DO. Why? Because the entire body needs to be trained and performing at a high level to maximize my results and the way I feel. SO, if I am going to do anything, I do it right the first time and preferably in less time. This is a perfect way to train your legs with the most amount of results in the least amount of time. It works.

A non- METCON circuit – We will make your legs and glutes the tightest and firmest they will ever be! Best suited for toning the lower body.


TGI- Friday – TRAINER WILD CARD WORKOUT- “After meeting with my team when designing the schedule, they came up with so many great ways to train our clients, I wanted to adopt them all. So, what better way to have our team show their creativity and passion than letting them getting to know you weekly and then design a world-class workout just for you?” P~

We will use Friday as a day that your trainer will design the perfect workout for your goals & needs. The team will train your body to have a stronger heart, core with improved balance and structural integrity. We will use body weight training, functional training, movement training, boot camp games and explosive training to make this a fun workout day to end the week!

Why would I do it? When I first started boot camp, this was the kind of creativity we used. This is going back to awesome ‘old-school boot camp’ and what my training style is really about. This type of training gets me excited. This is not a squat and eventually you see the gains. This is a long-term investment in your bodies performance so it can move better, faster and be stronger. You need a special team for this style of training. If you see your body as something greater than being thin, muscle, skinny, fit or whatever your preferred look is, this is your workout. Challenge the body and the mind!

A true METCON circuit – We will add total body exercises in a way that stimulate the release of body fat and let your trainer guide you through a workout that they can customize to their client’s needs!


Metabolic Boot Camp- 02This workout is very similar to Monday’s workout except less strength training on the legs. It is still a next level, game changer workout. In fact, your legs may burn a little less, but your heart will pound a little more. This workout is on the same platform for an unparalleled calorie burning, total body workout that brings out your best. This one will release all those brain feel good hormones for a fabulous weekend!

Why would I do it? I do this exact workout for myself every Saturday. Why, because it works. I will use up almost a thousand calories in less than an hour and train every muscle in the body.

A true METCON circuit – We use large muscle groups with every other set attacking body fat by pushing you to your limits. Paul Walker personal style of training to maximize time and reduce fat! Best suited for the combination of fat loss and toning at once.


Sunday is a favorite day for many to train. We intentionally put classic boot camp class where it belongs, on Sunday to eat up those weekend calories! Our famous classic boot camp gives you a blend of ‘old school exercises’ with cardio and weight training to help get you ready for the week ahead. Expect half your workout to be cardio based and, the other half of the workout, strength training.