METCON30 – A World Class 30 Minutes Workout

What is METCON30?

METCON30 Women's Fitness Woodbridge

METCON30 is a world class thirty minute total body workout designed to spark the metabolism, burn body fat and tone the ENTIRE body. METCON30 is very safe, effective, and designed for a women’s body. We guarantee it! Why? Experience.
Designed by Paul Walker who has helped thousands of women change their lives since 1997 as a certified and an award winning trainer of the year professional. He took all the latest training trends, programs and blended it with his exercise database and proven track record. The end results is a program that hundreds of ladies are loving and keep coming back for.


Women often wonder if there is a way to simplify their daily routine so they have more time for themselves. But the reality is that women often wear multiple hats and perform multiple roles. Finding time to get in a good workout can pose its challenges. But that was then and this is now.

Integrity Fitness understands all of this! Founder and owner, Paul Walker has developed a 30 min world class training program that is not only designed to fit into every busy women’s schedule, but it was also built for all women with different fitness levels.

Reach your fitness goals more efficiently with our METCON30 program. In 30 min you will experience a high energy, results driven workout that will place your body into fat burning mode. Our world class trainers design a powerful, challenging and innovative circuit that is refreshed daily.

In less than 4 weeks you will begin to see numerous changes in your body. You can expect: your clothes to feel better, an increase in self-confidence, gain better sleep and reduce your stress levels.

Whether you’re a young fitness enthusiast, recently had a baby or currently pregnant, a busy mom, a business professional or new to fitness, the Metcon30 program can work for you.

Motivation is key when you start anything new. Everyone faces their own challenges, but it is through their commitment and dedication that they have changed their life.
Wondering what Metabolic Conditioning is and what it really means?

A Metabolic Conditioning workout (MetCon) is a fast paced, high intensity workout that only lasts a short period of time. It challenges your cardiovascular capacity, puts your metabolism into overdrive and slashes body fat FAST. The best part about Metcon training is the science behind it. Research has shown that an individual can burn 12-20 calories per minute with this style of training! This means when you do a Metcon circuit that’s been professionally designed by us, you can maximize your time in the gym by burning over 250 calories in just 30 minutes!

Who Can Really BENEFIT from METCON30

Women who need an intense exercise program, but don’t have a lot time to workout
Young new fitness enthusiasts
Post pregnancy women
Busy women with busy lifestyles
Women that want to maximize their time
Women who love our camps but found them just a little too intense
Women that are looking for more coaching/teaching and personal instruction

MECTON30 was designed by me to burn fat & build muscle quickly. METCON30 will break fitness plateaus, and more importantly, stimulate the metabolism for rejuvenated energy levels.

How Does Metcon Training Reduce Fat?

Metabolic training conditions the muscles to better use the fuel (fat) delivered to them by improving the efficiency of different metabolic pathways in the body. These advanced levels of efficiency help to enhance your performance and physique quickly by increasing the number of calories you burn not only during your workout, but also after. This is known as EPOC (excessive post-exercise oxygen consumption) and can keep your metabolism above your resting rate 24-48 hours after the workout!

Why Are the Circuits 30 Minutes?

Thirty minutes is the perfect amount of time. It’s not too long and it’s not too short. It’s ideal for busy, independent women who want to come in, get the job done right and then leave feeling amazing without spending hours in the gym!

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Occupation: Teacher and full-time mom to three young children

Metcon30 sessions per week: 4 sessions a week

Marilena’s Story:

Marilena is our Supermom who has made a comeback. Originally a member of Integrity Fitness a few years back, Marilena decided that she needed to find a balance in her life. Being a busy mom of three young children and working full-time, it was important for her to find time to become active again.

She joined the METCON30 program and in only 30 minutes a day, 4 times a week she was able to incorporate fitness into her busy lifestyle. Her consistency and commitment has given her the energy and new lifestyle that makes her feel healthy and happy.

Occupation: Teacher and full-time mom to three young childrenMetcon30 sessions per week: 4 visits per week

Cathy’s Story:

We recognize Cathy as a typical busy mom who puts everyone else first before herself. After her third pregnancy, Cathy was ready to get back into a fitness routine that fit her busy lifestyle. After joining the METCON30 program, she began to see changes not only in her physical appearance but also in her energy levels. In addition to her workouts, she began to follow the Integrity Fitness meal plans and realized that she hadn’t always made the best choices when it came to ‘healthy eating’. She now has a new approach to her family meals and she is grateful she stuck to a plan.


Classic Total Body Workout Monday

T.G.I.M. METCON is designed to stimulate every muscle in your body, including your heart? Feel lethargic? This is the workout for you!

After your five minute warm-up, this workout is going to pick you up and charge your energy system for the next 30 minutes. This science proven workout will be 100% satisfying and help you towards your goals. Big muscle groups, big effort, big results!

Impact Energy Workout Tuesday

The day of stimulating all your muscles. We will use this day to help with recovery, increase your energy and eat the body fat. Conditioning your heart to make it stronger is vital for good health and reduced body fat. Exercises that push your heart and use loads of calories have multiple benefits. This workout is designed to do just that. Your rest? We only slow you down to focus on your core training.

Total Body METCON30 Functional workout Wednesday

Do you want to feel stronger when performing your daily activities? Are you looking to build total body strength? This is a workout that will charge your entire body.

Functional training is an effective workout that is designed to help your body adapt to different types of lifestyle movements and reduce the risk of injury. Our circuits will put you through a series of challenging exercises that will help you improve your coordination, balance, endurance and your overall ability to perform. Ramp up your metabolism and maximize your fat loss using a series of compound lifting and cardio moves that will attack your energy systems and leave you feeling completely satisfied.

Buns and Guns Thursday

Do you want to sculpt your buns and thighs? Are you looking for more definition in your arms to help get you beach body ready? Not a second is wasted in this specialized workout.

We have taken our signature workout and gave you more. Now not only are you going to get seriously toned thighs and buns but you will get defined beach ready arms. That’s the concept behind “Buns and Guns”, designed to get you firm and lean from head to toe! Feel your muscles get tighter as your trainer focuses on lower body toning exercises and then shifts gears and works your arms to perfection.

Pure Metcon Friday

This is not the workout that will ease you into the weekend – it is the one that will get you all fired up. Don’t miss out on the workout that will train your entire body from head to toe using intense movements to make your body feel tight.

Believe you can and you’re half way there. We have prepared your body all week for this style of loaded movement training. The proven method of muscle hyper-trophy – increasing the size of your muscles – is guaranteed to burn calories while building a chiseled lean body. Our goal is to push you out of your comfort zone and bring your workouts to the next level of training. Leading into the weekend, we will develop a combination circuit consisting of muscle burn, strength building and heart pounding exercises that will recruit more muscle fibers, increase your fat loss potential and develop a well-toned physique.

Cardio HIIT Saturday

Are you looking for more energy or to burn more calories that may have come into your meals during the week? Then this is the workout you need to sweat it all out and burn off massive amount of calories.

Just like Tuesday’s Impact Energy Workout work out, this class will have you lose fat and not the muscle you have worked hard to gain. Expect to burn up to 300 calories as your high energy trainer guides you through intense cardio exercises. High Intensity Interval Training was designed to blast body fat away by short intense work periods followed by brief rest. Let the science of HIIT training help you achieve results you never thought possible!

What do we recommend for our Metcon30 program (based on 3x per week)?

The biggest challenge when deciding what your fitness schedule should be, is to decide what your goals are. We all have different goals that is why it’s important to know what days you should be training and why.

If your goal is weight loss, then you should focus on classes that will help you burn calories from both your carbohydrate and fat storage. The following training days should be included in your schedule:

  • Tuesday: Impact Energy Workout
  • Friday: Pure Metcon
  • Saturday: Cardio HIIT
  • *4th day option – Monday: Classic Total Body Workout

If your goal is to increase your overall energy and burn a massive amount of calories while doing it, then you should include the following training days into your schedule:

  • Tuesday: Impact Energy Workout
  • Wednesday: Total Body METCON30 Functional workout
  • Saturday: Cardio HIIT
  • *4th day option – Friday: Pure Metcon

If your goal is to achieve an overall toned physique, build lean muscle and boost your metabolism, then you should include the following training days into your schedule:

  • Monday: Classic Total Body Workout
  • Wednesday: Total Body METCON30 Functional workout
  • Friday: Pure Metcon
  • *4th day option – Saturday: Cardio HIIT