Nutrition Counseling

Integrity Nutrition Counselling by Meghan Fernandes

Maintaining a good fitness regimen isn’t only about exercising on a regular basis – it has a lot to do with what you eat too.  Healthy eating plays an integral role in weight loss, strengthening, toning, and shaping.  No matter what your fitness goals, when you bring diet and nutrition into the picture, you are bound to achieve faster results in a more sustainable way.

Mission Statement:

It is my goal to encourage, motivate and empower people to adopt a healthier lifestyle by promoting wellness through nutrition counselling, meal planning, health education, and physical activity. Through this health promotion I am determined to have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of individuals, families, and our surrounding community.

Her Promise (Commitment) to her clients:

(Adopted from the Canadian College of Dietitians for Nutrition Professionals)

As a professional nutritionist I pledge to practice the art and science of dietetics to the best of my abilities:

  • to maintain integrity and empathy in my professional practice;
  • to strive for objectivity of judgment in such matters as confidentiality and conflict of interest;
  • to maintain a high standard of personal competence through continuing education and an
    ongoing critical evaluation of professional experience;
  • to work co-operatively with colleagues, other professionals, and laypersons;
  • to protect members of society against the unethical or incompetent behaviour of colleagues or
    other fellow health professionals;
  • to ensure that our publics are informed of the nature of any nutritional treatment or advice and
    its possible effects;
  • to obtain informed consent for any invasive or experimental procedures.

Meghan Fernandes

PBC Sports Nutritionist
M.S. Sports Nutrition
B.S. Sports & Fitness Management

Meghan Fernandes,
M.S. Food & Nutrition Nutrition / B.S. Sports & Fitness Management
Growing up as a competitive athlete, Meghan realized the role of physical activity in health at a young age, and
she also came to understand the strong influence of proper nutrition and nutrient balance on performance. These
interests lead her to first complete her Bachelor’s of Science in Sports and Fitness Management, followed by
her Masters of Science in Food & Nutrition. With this wealth of knowledge, Meghan has always had a desire to
promote wellness through nutrition counseling, and help people to make positive lifestyle changes to improve
their health and wellbeing.
Upon joining the team at Integrity Fitness, Meghan has found her ideal professional position promoting both
nutrition and fitness. She loves having the opportunity to help guide people in making better choices and
achieving a healthier lifestyle. Her dedication and commitment to the women at Integrity Fitness are obvious
through the countless number of women who have changed their lifestyle through healthy eating, weight loss,
reduced their body fat and have been able to maintain their results.
Meghan’s Approach to Nutrition:
Meghan does not take a one size fits all approach to nutrition counseling, she works with you and everything
that makes you unique…
Pre-existing health conditions
Nutrition history
Everyone is unique and has individual requirements when it comes to nutrition and overall health. Regardless of
where you are in your health & wellness journey, Meghan will meet you there and help you move forward.
Reaching your goals takes teamwork. Meghan is not here to judge or lecture you, she is here to LISTEN TO
YOU since experience has taught her that creating a successful strategy requires combining both her knowledge
and yours.
Together we will:
Identify negative habits we need to break
Design a Lifestyle Plan of Action
Create Individualized Meal Plans
Incorporate Recipes
Plan a schedule for reaching your goals
Meghan’s goal is not only to help you reach your personal health goals, but to empower you with the knowledge
to maintain your new lifestyle. She strives to provide you with the highest quality nutrition counseling experience
possible by incorporating accurate, research-based information and conducting our program with the high level
of integrity that you and your health deserve.

Nutrition Consultations

Our professional nutritionists on staff provide a complete service that includes:
  • Initial consultation to learn about you, your current diet and your fitness goals
  • Regular appointments to educate you on good, wholesome nutrition
  • Practical, specific and easy-to-implement diet recommendations
  • Follow-up appointments to analyze your diet and evaluate your progress

The Full Package Approach

At Integrity Fitness, we believe in providing you with the full package.  We may offer world-class training programs, but if we don’t give you the nutritional education to go along with it, we run the risk of you falling short of your goals.  To lose weight, build muscle or get the beach body you’ve always dreamed of – our nutritional services complement our fitness offerings to give you everything you need to achieve your goals.

Benefit from an end-to-end fitness and lifestyle service at Integrity Fitness.

What kind of physical results can I expect?

We have had three challenges at Integrity Fitness. The average change in all three programs:

  1. 13.1 lbs of fat loss
  2. 2.9% in body fat loss
  3. 19 cms loss