Paul’s Boot Camp

Impact Training Women's Fitness
Paul’s Boot Camp- Our program secret weapon to help you reach your goals is the best “EQUIPMENT” we have, OUR Award Winning TEAM.
Paul’s Boot Camp started in 2005 when Boot Camp was not even on the fitness radar for women. It is hard to think about it, now that Boot Camp is such a trendy and useful form of exercise, but over a decade ago, Paul started the training fad right here in Vaughan. At the time, the purpose was to go outside of the box and find new ways to improve the way women were trained.  The workouts would be super tough, intense and mentally challenging. It was to provide women a complete form of fitness that made them toned, vibrant and full of energy. Tens of thousands of workouts later, we have perfected the art of Ladies Boot Camp. We know every trick, every move and every style that works.
But how are we different now?
Training fads come and go and so does the equipment. We stayed true to our Integrity and adopted all the new proven ideas, concepts, exercises, equipment and philosophies, but never changed our program delivery. We have to provide a weekly program that is fresh, innovative, creative and results driven. We thought about the temptation of how easy it would be to put the same four pieces of equipment together and run the clients through it like an assembly line, but that limits the creativity of a world class team. We could not just use the same philosophies that get tired and boring. To be a World Class facility,  we had to find a way to fit all of it in, and then customize it to a woman’s body. Was it easy?, no, but it works- super well.
The chef analogy: You can have 10 great chefs that use the same ten ingredients to make the same style of dish. However, one chef will know how to put those ingredients together in a way that just makes it taste and looks better. Why? Experience and passion. Our industry is the same. You need experienced leadership if you put a premium on your time and motivation to re-align your lifestyle. Our program is always updated to ensure that the newest forms of science are being used. We have helped thousands and thousands of women change their body and lifestyle with our Award Winning, team inspired Boot Camp training.  The best part, we make the schedule so flexible that we can always find a time to train you that works with your schedule.
Our Boot Camp requires around 70-85% of your maximal effort for about 65% of your workout with 35% of your time resting. The slightly lower intensity than METCON30 allows the body to train with more volume and burn more calories, safely. Each day of the week is specialized to target different energy systems and groups of muscles. You could technically train 6 days a week and not over train. We design our workouts professionally to meet our client’s expectations each day, keeping it fresh and backed with science. This allows our clients to come in and trust that they are getting a workout that will help them with short and long term goals. They are safe and they do not have to think.  The program will help novice trainees to advanced super fitness trainees. It will challenge them physically and mentally but not defeat them. When we add that to a veteran base, passionate team, and an amazing tribe of women who care – you have a fitness community that you can trust and lean on!
When designing Boot Camp workouts we try to adopt a few simple rules:
Rule #1 – Plan to coach and lead our clients through the tough spots in their workout so they feel good about themselves. 
Rule #2 – Use a variety of results driven training principles and exercises. Keep it interesting and functional.
Rule #3 – Transition between exercises must be smooth and easy to follow. A consistent flow between sets keeping the body under constant, but safe stress. This works with the ‘time-under-tension’ rule for maximum results and calories burned.
Rule #4-  Attack the body from different angles with exercises by using a variety of rest periods, style of sets, types of circuits, and resistance to challenge the body and prevent over or under training.
Rule #5 – Never plan anything that is not safe or you would not do yourself. Train Smart. Plan each workout as if your mother, wife, sister or friend would be doing it.
What to expect
Paul’s Boot Camp program is more than a workout. It is a community filled with trust that your fitness and health lifestyle needs are in the hands of strong leadership.  Team Impact. When you train with us, you have a team of experts that work cohesively together to help you reach your goals. The team is built with experienced role models who believe in creating inspiration and a better lifestyle for our clients. Paul’s Boot Camp Program has a team that believes in the same vision and who show clients how to make fitness a lifestyle. They are a team that invests in ongoing education, research and seeks knowledge so it can be applied and/or shared with the team. The entire program is built with a team that is approachable and kind to your needs. The team works in harmony to serve our client’s needs. This is what you can expect at Pauls’ Boot Camp. We are the hardest working fitness team in the GTA and we say that with pride.
How does it work for results?
The PBC program is a technically calculated daily circuit that delivers results. It is not a quick fix or a weight loss program. It is a complete program that will challenge your body and increase your strength, endurance, and confidence. It is designed for a woman’s body and is known for decreasing body fat, increased toning, and loss of inches. It is a perfectly balanced program that provides unlimited different training exercises and philosophies while preventing over training. All the smallest of details and planning have been thoughtfully implemented in the program which takes all of the worry and thinking out of how or who to train with.  Each day of the week is specifically planned to provide a very different form of training and target muscle groups with different benefits.
PBC’s biggest strength is the program inclusion of a variety of everything fitness and never planning the same workout. Everyday is always different and we take pride in the precious time that our clients have and that they haven chosen us to help them reach their goals.
Our programming is updated annually to reflect science, our lessons from the last year, and our experience as to what works. The result is a program that allows any client to choose the exact type of training they want and the focus of their efforts. It is important to us that clients can either add a day at our club to their weekly fitness regime or use us as a complete form of training.
Each day provides different benefits and we are proud that the day-to-day programming is the best. 
Monday womens only gym vaughan

Metabolic Boot Camp – This workout was specifically placed on Mondays for both Programs for a reason. It is a next level, game changer workout. Properly planned, this workout is unparalleled for burning loads of those weekends calories, attacking the stored body fat and toning the body. Yes- all at once! In addition, it will super charge your engine (body)and give you a lot of energy once you have refuelled.

Why would I do it? Shake the weekend ‘fog’, fire up my bodies engine and burn calories for 24 hours after I have finished.  Plus a great leg toner workout.

Tuesday gym vaughan

Beach Body Shred –  Beach Body Shred means we will be getting your heart rate up to zap the body fat. More importantly than that, this workout will provide you with a huge release of endorphins, serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine to reduce stress/anxiety, increase confidence and increase your energy.  You can’t buy a pill that will do all of that. You need to move your body for that! You will leave this workout completely recharged. Expect a workout that will bring up your heart rate fast and then exercises to tone the shoulders before going back to strengthening the almighty heart some more. Cardio and delt training made fun and with a purpose.

Why would I do it? When I am tired, unfocused or feeling flat, this style of workout picks me up!  I love a good sweat to make me feel less stressed and focused. Shoulders just fit right with cardio as you will soon find out. As you push your blood from the top of the head to the toes. And it is a fat buster and that’s always a good thing!


Build A Better Upper Body  – After Mondays & Tuesdays workout, the legs will need some recovery, and the upper body will be relatively fresh and ready for some work. This is a great time to focus our training energy on a stronger upper body while using fat for energy while you train. This is definitely not a calories burner, but critical if toning is in your list of goals to achieve. We will add in some tough core exercises for a tighter waistline as well!

Why would I do it? When creating balanced fitness, all the major muscles in the body need to be trained. I would add this to my program if you like being strong, and want to see toning. This is your day.

Thursday gym woodbridge

Bubble Butt –  Our famous, results producing workout moves to Thursday. Why? We work the legs like we mean business. And, Bubble Butt is better placed at the end of the week so your legs do not feel so heavy all week after training legs on Monday.  It is our TEAM’S favourite day of the week because for most ladies, it is theirs as well. So do we put a little extra TLC into Thursdays? Of course, our reputation is on the line. We plan and execute this day to perfection.  Our BUBBLE BUTT is the best workout you can give your body if toned legs and booty is important to you. Nobody does it better!

Why would I do it?  I would be worried to be honest. It is a fierce workout that challenges and require a novice or an expert to able to give 100% that day. The ladies have said this to us over and over that it works very very well!


TGI- Friday – TRAINER WILD CARD WORKOUT-  “After meeting with my team when designing the schedule, they came up with so many great ways to train our clients, I wanted to adopt them all.  So what better way to have our team show their creativity and passion than letting them get to know you weekly and then design a world-class workout just for you?” P~

We will use Friday as a day that your trainer will design the perfect workout for your goals & needs. The team will train your body to have a stronger heart, core with improved balance and structural integrity. We will use body weight training, functional training, movement training, boot camp games and explosive training to make this a fun workout day to end the week!

Why would I do it? When I first started boot camp, this was the kind of creativity that we used with our training team. This is ‘going back to awesome ‘old-school boot camp’ and what my training style is really about. This type of training gets me excited. This is not a squat and eventually you see the gains. This is a long-term investment in your body’s performance so it can move better, faster and be stronger. You need a special team for this style of training. If you see your body as something greater than being thin, muscle, skinny, fit or whatever your preferred look is, this is your workout. Challenge the body and the mind!


Metabolic Boot Camp – 02 – This workout is very similar to Monday’s workout except less strength training on the legs. It is still a next level, game changer workout. In fact, your legs may burn a little less, but your heart will pound a little more. This workout is on the same platform for an unparalleled calorie burning, total body workout that brings out your best. This one will release all those brain feel good hormones for a fabulous weekend!

Why would I do it? I do this exact workout for myself every Saturday. Why, because it works. I will use up almost a thousand calories in less than an hour and train every muscle in my body.



Sunday is a favorite day for many to train. We intentionally put classic boot camp class where it belongs, on Sunday to eat up those weekend calories! Our famous classic boot camp gives you a blend of ‘old school exercises’ with cardio and weight training to help get you ready for the week ahead. Expect half your workout to be cardio based and, the other half of the workout, strength training.