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When is it time to be GREAT – to me?

When is it time to be GREAT – to me?

There is a time to be good and then there is a time to be great! We need to learn the difference and give ourselves permission to make the adjustment when it’s time to be GREAT. The question is, how do you know when to switch  from being good to being great?

The greatest needs of a human are to grow, love, learn, be significant and contribute. When we are in the “GREAT-ZONE”, we are trying to achieve happiness by making our lives better to match our vision of where we think we should be.  We all have our own ideas of excellence for family, business, wealth, fitness and health, adventure, romance, etc.  I personally feel like I am in the GREAT-ZONE when I am working on some of those areas and making them even better. I feel great when I am learning, growing, contributing and pushing my boundaries and working on my self-improvement.

To be in the “GREAT-ZONE”, it is imperative that we start the day off right!

It is hard to imagine that we are “ON” 100% of the time. We are human, and we all have emotions/feelings that sometimes derail us from our best of intentions. With that said, we can often change the body’s energy and mindset by starting the off day right. When we wake up, it is critical to start your day by being in charge of your thoughts, feelings and your emotions immediately when we wake up. This allows the brain to think of things that serve us and our needs. This is the best tip I have ever learned.  I personally take 20 minutes to myself everyday to set my mindset to meet my day’s demands.  I suggest you –  meditate, visualize, read, pray or even sit in silence with a warm cup of coffee/tea. To make it even better, do all of them.

I have personally found that waking up and jumping right to my phone, checking the social media feed, texts or emails is one of the worst ways to start my day. I also spent far too much time waking up to a loud alarm and jumping right into ‘work’ mode. What I have learned is that these types of actions allow the energy, thoughts, and opinions of others to seep into my brain. The side effects –  a day of being defensive, aggressive or reactive all-day long. I found that I was forcing things. The biggest thing I found was that I was counting down the day, exhausted and sometimes feeling unfulfilled.  If your new journey is to be in the GREAT-ZONE, my suggestion is to lose the phone/computer/Ipad for the first 20 minutes of your day, at least.

So, what is good to me?

A good day or period of time is when I am learning, not pushing the boundaries too much and living in the moment. I am relaxed, perhaps having a few laughs and keeping the flow on an even page.

When did I understand the difference between the GOOD-ZONE and GREAT-ZONE?

I made a decision a long time ago, regardless of the situation or challenge in front of me, that I would grow and move forward. No excuses, no weakness. Zero tolerance for anything else.  Get knocked down, get up and fight my way forward. That mindset just caused me to breakdown physically. After nearly breaking down I came to realize that I do not have to ‘improve and strategize’ my world everyday. It was perfectly okay to have bad days, sad days, frustrating days and it was even okay to let myself deal with it emotionally.  At the end of the day, I find something good out of the day, always. That could even mean that is was a good day because I learned something from having a rough day. Learning a tough lesson makes it a good day. Even in times of sickness, I believe that my body is saying rest you dumba**. Slow down.

In fact, I have made a list of events that will or can cause you to slow down.  Be in the moment and let go of the “PUSH BUTTON”.  This is a list of events that may happen and I will give myself permission to pull-back and just be:

  • Health – Health is the most powerful and controlling factor over how we feel.
    1. Flu, colds, surgery, etc. will have an impact of us
  • Money – Money concerns control energy and thoughts.
    1. Where focus goes, energy flows. Negative money flow will shift that energy fast.
  • Lack of Sleep – is one of the most powerful things that changes energy and mood.
  • Not making time for ourselves – Time sickness.
    1. Time sickness will come back to haunt us in one way of another. We will seek balance and energy, and that may come from food or drink cravings.
  • Lack of Movement- if we are not moving much, our state will change and so will our mood. Any investment into our well-being will make a difference.
  • Family – Sickness, pain and suffering of a family member is tough.

I switch to GOOD-ZONE when I am going through any one of these areas of suffering. In fact, when I am experiencing any of the above, I actually turn ON the SELF-INTEGRITY to keep me strong and moving forward, a little. Working on you is good, even when the suffering is high. It will keep you from becoming a victim of circumstance, depression, anxiety, fear and negative emotion. Taking the pressure off and putting the little energy you have into something that will give back is VITAL.

To keep you balanced try these MANTRAS when or if you are in the GOOD-ZONE:

Mantra 1- God is making me strong for something better.

Mantra 2 – Find the good in everything.

Mantra 3 – I will not suffer.

Mantra 4 – I Love and I am grateful for what I have and what I am learning.

I have also learned that taking the time and living in the moment with the people in your life is a great time to make the switch from the GREAT-ZONE to GOOD -ZONE. I give myself permission to enjoy the journey, relax and be present. Times like –  vacations, time in the warm summer sun and nature are good examples of this.

The purpose of this article is – I often hear about suffering and pain from many and at the same time they share harsh judgments towards themselves. Let it go and give yourself permission to take small steps towards your goals.

Be ready for the moment when you can go all-in and take advantage of being in the GREAT-ZONE.