When should you eat? - Integrity Fitness

When should you eat?

We often ask ourselves, when should I eat? How do I know if I’m eating too much? Is breakfast good or bad? Should I have dessert? All good questions.

It doesn’t have to be so complicated. The truth is your body already has all the answers – you just need to listen a little closer.


A huge part of our behaviors and actions depend on the intention behind it. If you are truly eating when you are hungry and stopping when you are full, your body will get the amount that it needs. Not gonna lie, it can get tricky because we often eat more or less when we’re sad, stressed, nervous etc. (we’ve all binged on a peanut butter, chips, a whole sleeve of crackers or cookies, right?).

But for now, the next time you’re feeling a snack attack come on and you ask yourself the question “am I hungry or am I full?” get clear on what the intention is behind the action. From there you”ll be able to get clearer answer. Trust me, when it comes to your nutrition, a little mindfulness can go a long way.

I’ve also found that journaling can be a helpful tool as well. For a few days (or more) try jotting down the things you ate and when. Then include how you felt before and after. From there you can adjust as needed to help you feel your best – mentally and physically. You might just be surprised at what you learn about yourself.

Here’s to eating with more intention!