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At PBC we believe that a diverse, multifaceted, well-rounded workout regimen achieves the best results.  Not only does your body get used to the same old routine (which often leads to a plateau in your training), but a repetitive program also lacks challenge and motivation.
Every PBC workout is freshly designed on a daily basis, meeting world-class standards in exercise variation, training principles, and expert supervision.  Each day of the week is characterized by its own body part, which is the focus of that day’s training style, concept, and structure.  This keeps your fitness regime exciting, challenging and very effective.


Our Program Building Plan & Philosophy – The Four Ps  


High failure rates due to plateaus and missed goals are usually attributed to poor planning.  PBC’s program building philosophy follows a careful and thorough process in which we do “all the thinking” for our clients, resulting in a practical, personalized program.

1.  The Plan

What’s the “big picture”?

We build fitness programs to train clients safely, prevent over training, target training preferences and provide a complete fitness program that encompasses every facet of good health and lifestyle.

Program features include:

  • Flexibility – Sessions run all week long, at several times throughout each day. Women's Health
  • Simplicity – Scheduling is fast, easy, and convenient, allowing clients to book sessions online from anywhere that has an Internet connection.
  • Affordable – Rates are reasonable to encourage the maximum number of class signups, to inspire long-term commitments, and to prevent “session rationing”.
  • Variety – Every week is exciting and fresh as new ideas, workouts, concepts, and equipment are introduced.
  • Results – Our programs actually work. By surrounding yourself with other people who are training with the same goals in mind, you have the ability to feed off each other’s energy to achieve success.
  • Safety – We take all possible measures to avoid injury, over-training and personal setbacks. By adhering to the highest safety standards, PBC ensures that your motivation stays high, and more importantly, that our training does not negatively affect your personal life.
  • Reliability – PBC does not tolerate last-minute instructor cancellations, trainer no-shows, repeated workouts or late sessions. We are here to complement your lifestyle, previous experience, current eating habits, goals, and objectives.

2.  The Program

Time is of the essence.

The PBC program is designed to help you achieve your goals in the least amount of time possible. We have a structured plan that is broken down into monthly periodized training which incorporates both cardio and strength-based training that is further categorized by a different body part each day of the week. Your body benefits from changing exercise variables over a predetermined time frame. This approach prevents plateaus, bypasses boredom, and makes each phase measurable.


For example:

Each program is broken down into phases and each week has a different format. Bubble Butt Tuesdays is broken down into four elements throughout the course of a full month:

  • Week 1 – strength
  • Week 2 – unilateral training
  • Week 3 – stabilizers, intense cardio, and balance
  • Week 4 – old school and new school training (past fads and fresh trends)

In combination, each week is broken down into daily goals and training principles. Clients have full control over what they choose and how they want to train. This ensures more enjoyable workouts and the cohesive alignment of expectations between trainer and client.


Woodbridge Women's Fitness 3.  Periodization

 Embrace change.

 We change training variables on a predetermined semi-annual schedule. This   provides measurable gains and the satisfaction of a complete program. We use   periodization to shock the body by challenging it in new ways in order to   achieve  greater fitness results. It reduces boredom, prevents plateaus, and   encourages personal growth through learning and education.

 4.  The Principles

 The last step is the most critical.


 This is the step where most personal training programs fail.  PBC selects   training principles according to the individual fitness level, needs and abilities   of  each client.  Chosen by your PBC trainer, each principle meets a different set   of criteria, which is then modified for every class.  Through the use of a wide   variety of training principles, clients maintain a high level of motivation and                                                                                           their eyes are constantly opened to different workout methods.


Sound Like the Program for You?