Our World Class Training Studios

Integrity Fitness continues to lead the fitness club community by providing two locations allowing us to give our clients more. With locations in West and East Vaughan, women have the convenience and flexibility to take part in our 30 minute or 60 minute programs.

We are dedicated and committed to providing women with challenging workouts to ensure they are building the body they desire. Our women-only classes are inspiring as it encourages teamwork amongst the ladies training.

When you take a class at any of our locations you can expect to take part in a uniquely designed circuit training program that is challenging and strategically planned to push you out of your comfort zone. Our circuits are designed with a plan in mind. We don’t believe in overtraining or only giving you one style of training. We also don’t believe in over booking our classes as we want to ensure you have enough room to get the workout you deserve and that your safety is upheld at all times.

Our Interpretation of a Fitness Boutique

Gone are the days when women have to feel intimidated about walking into a fitness facility with little to no guidance and have to use outdated equipment.

We believe that in order to stay motivated, maintain a regular fitness schedule and actually enjoy what you’re doing, you need to feel good about the facility you are training in. Unlike the traditional big box gyms where you are inundated with training equipment, we have built a specialty Fitness Boutique out of our West location.  It comes equipped with a special selection of cardio and strength training machines.

The Staff

A big part of what makes Integrity Fitness a world class training facility is the people.  We are an experienced team. It all starts from our friendly, welcoming receptionists right through to our top master trainers. We are dedicated, hardworking and passionate about what we do. When you walk through the doors of Integrity Fitness, you feel like training hard. We provide you with the motivation, support and confidence you need to reach your fitness goals in a tightly linked community where likeminded individuals come together to make it happen.

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