Achieve a better training regimen with technology, motivation and science all infused into it, thereby revolutionizing your fitness training. There is nothing like it, and it will change the way you approach your fitness training like never before!

 Are you doing too much or barely enough with your workouts? What if you can train better and achieve phenomenal results, would you go all the way?  

The newest innovation in fitness training is now wearable technology. Combining this new technology with old style training, people can actually be motivated to achieve greater results-- THR (Target Heart Rate Training)

The Impact Target Heart Rate Training Program – or THR for short- is a unique and goal-serving fitness training program introduced by Integrity Fitness. It is a program meant to get you into the thick of things by getting you to work in your fat-burning zone quicker and it can also increase the efficiency of calories burning, while keeping your body fit for your overall well-being.

With our IMPACT TARGET HEART RATE Training program you can now focus on your heart rate and ensure you are on target with your training every time.

As Integrity Fitness aims to maintain that world class status, as a facility training center for women, IMPACT TARGET HEART TRAINING will be the next major accomplishment for a high-quality fitness training program to guarantee and deliver results.

How do we use it?

As you intensify your workouts, our wearable technology will specifically record the intensity, using a percentage of your maximum heart rate and place it in your ideal IMPACT training zone. During your warm up, or better still, while resting, the ideal percentage is between 50% to 69% of your target heart rate. As your workout progresses, you will be pushed into your fat burning zones, where the result will be felt immediately as your heart is being monitored.

With our IMPACT WORKOUT, your metabolic rate will be held up even after training is concluded- due to the ‘after burn effect’. This way you can maximize the number of calories you burn from a single workout.

What are the benefits?

 The benefits of IMPACT TARGET HEART RATE TRAINING do not come in short supply; you will be able to increase your endurance for a longer time, even your strength capacity is enhanced and power too. Additionally, you will experience tremendous weight loss.

 Need real-time and measurable results? Then this new program is designed for you. It allows you to keep track of how much you do in your workouts so that you can increase your efforts toward achieving specific goals as planned by your master trainers. Everyone can benefit irrespective of their maximum target heart zone.

The Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption has also been factored in, which is a great advantage. You have nothing to worry about when it comes to keeping your metabolic rate up for a longer time than you can imagine with the —‘after burn effect.’ What this simply means is that you can burn plenty of calories in the process.

Integrity Fitness World Class training is getting better because we deliver great value and take women’s health as a top priority, with programs that help women achieve great results.




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