Bootcamp Training

You asked and we listened!

Welcome to the 2023  Spring Integrity Fitness Programming!
Our 10x award-winning group training program specializes in ladies fitness. Our workouts are designed to enhance your lifestyle by making you stronger, fitter, lighter, and full of energy.
Here's a rundown of our daily programming:
* Day 1: Full Body Strength & Conditioning. This workout is designed specifically for the female body, targeting all major muscle groups and improving your overall fitness and endurance.
* Day 2: High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This workout focuses on improving your cardiovascular fitness and burning fat.
* Day 3: Lower Body Strength and Toning. Get ready to sculpt and tone your legs, glutes, and thighs with this lower body-focused workout!
* Day 4: Upper Body Strength and Toning. This workout is designed to help you build upper body strength and tone in a way that is specifically tailored to the female body.
* Day 5: Functional Strength and Conditioning Boot Camp. This workout is all about building functional strength and conditioning that is specifically designed for the female body.
* Day 6: Strength/Toning and Core. This workout challenges your entire body, with an emphasis on building strength and tone while also targeting your core muscles.
* Day 7: Kickboxing Conditioning. Get ready to sweat with this high-energy kickboxing conditioning workout!
Join us for the 2023 Spring Integrity Fitness Programming Proposal and experience the difference of a program designed specifically for women. 

Focus on:
Recovery & Stretching
Strength & Focus
Muscle Stimulation
 Steady State Cardio

Week 1- Moderate Intensity

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Focus on:
Calorie Burn
Strength & Endurance
Muscle Endurance
HIIT Cardio
Cardiovascular Endurance

Week 2- High Intensity

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It's a revolving program that hits everything you need in fitness. 

Our new 2023 Program

· New exciting live workouts daily and weekly
·Targets both Moderate and High Intensity
·Fantastic works class team

Week 1

Moderate Intensity

Great for people who:

Want more cooldown and warm ups.

Week 2

High Intensity

Great for people who:

Want to get right into the workout.

Fresh New Workouts Daily.

Say good bye to boring training plans. Everyday, we create a different workout plan for you so you never have to think about what workout you will need to do. 


We don’t just give you one awesome trainer, we have a whole world-class team providing training. Each trainer is unique in their own way and, that is not just better, it is smarter.

We just train WOMEN!

We design our workouts, our message and our efforts for women only. Everything we do here is to help you train and fuel your body right! 

Help & Support! 

Your coaches are ready to lead you and inspire you daily. We provide you support because great customer service is our top priority.


Highly Reviewed!
4.9/5 on Mindbody | 4.9/5 on Google | 9.85 on FITGRID

Why Join Our In-Studio Bootcamp Training At Integrity Fitness?

Hiring our team is more than just your occasional workout, you are hiring a coach. A team of trainers that inspire you to want to work out. We are local world-class trainers who have 15 year’s experience designing workouts for women. We love, give love, and get love back from!