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At Integrity Fitness, we understand that women have unique fitness needs and goals. That's why our 2023 Spring Program is specifically designed to help you build strength, endurance, and confidence in a supportive, empowering environment. With a variety of workouts to choose from, including targeted strength and toning exercises, high-intensity interval training, and kickboxing conditioning, you'll find everything you need to become the strongest, fittest version of yourself.

Bootcamp Training Schedule

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Monday - Muscle Mix Mastery

Focus: Full Body Strength & Conditioning

Kickstart your week with "Muscle Mix Mastery" a powerful full-body workout meticulously crafted for improved fitness, more energy and visual toning. Our Monday sessions are designed to engage all major muscle groups, amplifying your overall fitness, endurance, and strength. Through a diverse array of strength and conditioning exercises, this workout is not just about challenging your body's about transforming it.

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Tuesday - Beach Body Shred

Focus: Toned Lower Body, Core Strengthening, Cardio Burn &
Arm Toning

We are excited to offer "Beach Body Shred" a workout meticulously crafted for the female body, spotlighting those beach-worthy areas. In a recent survey, Saturday’s workout “Sweat & Shred” beat out Bubble Butt Wednesday for the most favorite workout. So why not offer a second version of this workout right? This will emphasize four key area’s: A killer booty blast workout. A fat burning calorie busting cardio workout. A full and core blast and a section to sculpt the arms. It's not just a workout; it's a confidence boost packaged in a sweat session.

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Wednesday - Bubble Butt Bonanza

Focus: Lower Body Strength, Toning, and Empowerment

You have to try "Bubble Butt Bonanza" our signature Wednesday workout that has stood the test of time. Celebrating 20 years of unparalleled success, this workout is a tribute to the power and resilience of women seeking to sculpt, tone, and strengthen their lower bodies. Tailored specifically for the female form, "Bubble Butt Bonanza" is not just a workout—it's a movement that has empowered thousands of women over two decades.

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Thursday - Tone, Flex & Function

Focus: Empowerment Through Upper Body Strength, Mobility, and Functional Training

We will elevate our Thursday workouts with "Tone, Flex, & Function" a real strength workout designed exclusively for women. This session combines the power of upper body strength training with the versatility of functional and mobility exercises, topped with a focused core conditioning segment. It's a meticulously crafted program aimed at not just transforming your physique but enhancing your everyday functionality and confidence.

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Friday Morning - Classic Bootcamp

Focus: Functional Strength, Conditioning, and Fully Body Fitness

At the end of your week we return to tradition—our "Classic Boot Camp" Fridays. This session is a celebration of resilience and strength, combining time-honored boot camp methods with functional exercises tailored for the female physique. It’s where boot camp becomes the innovation of functional training, designed to enhance your strength, endurance, and capability in every aspect of life.

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Friday Afternoon - Drop-In Boot Camp

Focus: Functional Strength, Conditioning, and Fully Body Fitness 

Boot Camp just got better and, more flexible. Introducing the newest of our fitness offerings: Drop-in Boot Camp, designed to seamlessly integrate into your dynamic lifestyle. This innovative program is designed to deliver an incredible classic boot camp workout, emphasizing functional strength, conditioning, and the versatility of full-body fitness. Drop-in Boot Camp allows you to train when you want to train, without the wait! You can literally just show up!

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Saturday - Sweat & Shred

Focus: Strength, Toning, and Core Enhancement

Elevate your weekend with "Sweat & Shred" our Saturday signature workout recently voted as the most favorite by our community. This engaging session is masterfully crafted to challenge and enhance your entire body, with a special emphasis on strength, toning, and core development. Tailored to the unique needs of the female body, "Sweat & Shred" delivers a comprehensive fitness experience that combines the rigor of strength training with the precision of core conditioning experience.

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Sunday - Kickboxing Conditioning

Focus: Cardio, Kickboxing Techniques and Full Body Fitness

Kickboxing Conditioning:
Energize your Sundays with our Kickboxing Conditioning class, a high-octane workout that combines intense cardio with the empowering techniques of kickboxing. Specifically tailored for women, this class is designed to enhance cardiovascular endurance, refine coordination, and boost agility. Kickboxing is not just about physical fitness; it's an exhilarating way to release stress, burn calories, and embrace a powerful and fun-filled path to wellness. Join us and experience the thrill of kickboxing, where every punch, kick, and combo moves you closer to your fitness goals. Don't miss this opportunity to transform your Sundays into a powerhouse of energy and strength!

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Sunday - Drop-In Boot Camp

Focus: Full-body fitness

Continue to enjoy the ultimate in workout convenience with our Sunday Drop-in Boot Camp sessions. Mirroring the success of our Friday format, this 45-minute workout is designed for maximum efficiency and flexibility. It's the perfect complement to your kickboxing class, or as a stand-alone session, providing a full-body workout that's adaptable to your fitness level and schedule. Cycle through a variety of stations that target strength, cardio, core, and more. With no need to book in advance, you can maintain your weekend flexibility while ensuring a top-notch workout experience. Drop in, push your limits, and leave feeling powerful and ready to take on the week ahead.

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It's a revolving program that hits everything you need in fitness. 

"Boot camp classes at Integrity Fitness leave me feeling energized, strong, and with a sense of overall wellness. Everything about these classes are positive and great for our health and well-being and I highly recommend them to all women of any age!"
- Michelle M.

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