HIIT Workouts For Women

-Workouts are always new.
-Variety of exercises for specific muscle groups
-You can stay at home or go to the gym

Fresh New Workouts Daily.

Say good bye to boring workouts. Everyday, we create a different workout plan for you so that the only thing on your mind is what type of exercise will work out today and which one doesn't seem as daunting


We don't just provide you with one trainer, we have an entire world-class team of instructors providing the best training. Each person is unique and that's why they're perfect for this job!

We just train WOMEN!

The workouts here are designed for women only. The goal of our programs is to help you train and fuel your body right!

Help & Support! 

Your coaches are ready to lead you and inspire your daily. We provide support because great customer service is our top priority!


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Fresh New Workouts Daily.

Each day we train you differently.

Monday for example is a full-body strength and cardio workout. Tuesday is an upper body strength circuit. Thursday is a lower body strength circuit.

We like to keep it very fresh, innovative, creative, and fun all at once.

Monday: Metabolic Mondays

You'll be able to get in shape faster with this workout! It's designed for people who want the best of both worlds - improving their cardio, strength and endurance while staying lean. And if that wasn't enough reason already then there are also studies proving how effective it is at burning fat AND boosting performance levels on certain tasks too- making these workouts super efficient indeed !

TARGET MUSCLES: Chest, Back, Legs

Tuesday: Tone & Sculpt Tuesday

All your muscle groups need a little extra attention. That's why we'll focus on toning and defining them with Tuesday workouts! You won't just burn calories, but also build stronger muscles for improved posture as well as increased strength throughout the body.

TARGET MUSCLES: Biceps, triceps, all heads of the deltoids, and core including lower back.

Wednesday: Throwback Total Body Workout

On Wednesdays, we bring back the old-fashioned boot camp. We do exercises that challenge cardio and endurance in addition to working on your agility skills with some functional movements thrown into this World Class Throw-Back Workout Session! This workout will leave you both energized from start (high intensity) all the way through till it's done - ensuring maximum calorie burn for instant results.

TARGET MUSCLES: Mobility and multi-plane movements. Lots of core activation exercises and powerful and challenging cardiovascular training

Thursday: Bubble Butt 2.0

No workout is too hard when you have Paul’s Boot Camp! The full lower body, including glutes and thighs, are all targeted in this intense sequence that will make your legs feel like they've been through war. We're not limited to squats or lunges; we know what works best for our members, so come in and work on that bubble butt!

TARGET MUSCLES: E.B.T.R (Everything below the ribs). Primary areas are all muscles groups in the glutes, quads, hamstrings, and then core & calves.

Friday: HIIT Fridays Happy Fridays

Friday is our favorite day of the week to train because it's a chance for total dedication. The intense rounds or two in HIIT cardio, upper toning and core work with some fun music!

TARGET MUSCLES: Total Body, Endurance & Core

Saturday: Wildcard Saturdays

Wildcard workouts are designed by our most master trainers who use their experience and intuition to create a kick-butt workout! The perfect end of week exercise that gets you excited for the start of another one. Saturday's emphasis is based on creativity with weights, cardio and core work.

Each week our training team finds new ways to challenge you like never before. It’s a great way to head into your weekend. Trainer reviews on these days are 9.9/10!

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Hiring our team is not just about getting a workout, you’re hiring us as coaches. We love what we do and it shows in the workouts! You will never go wrong with an intense full-body circuit designed by experienced world class trainers who care enough for your health to give up their own time so that they can help others feel better through fitness motivation!