Personalized Nutrition Plans For Women

Backed by over decades of experience, our nutrition plans are designed individually to cater to your needs and goals. Each meal plan is designed to be congruent with your workout and is timed to result in better weight loss and overall health. Our meal plan takes the guesswork and stress out of what and when you should eat and replaces it with a clean eating approach that utilizes portion control, clean low/high-carbohydrate food, and nutrient dense ingredients for optimal success.

Nutrition Plans & Challenges

Maintaining a good fitness regimen isn’t only about exercising on a regular basis – it has a lot to do with what you eat too.

Healthy eating plays an integral role in weight loss, strengthening, toning, and shaping. No matter what your fitness goals, when you bring diet and nutrition into the picture, you are bound to achieve faster results in a more sustainable way.

At Integrity Fitness we help ladies through our monthly nutrition personal challenges. Each challenge only $49

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Personalized Nutrition Plans

What's Included in our Nutrition Plans?

• A professionally designed holistic meal plan, and plant-based meal plan.
      o Your meal plans will be designed and offered in a way that allows for dozens of meal combinations. You can eat the same breakfast every day or eat 7 different breakfasts a week. You can switch from plant-based eating to non-plant-based eating at any time.

• Designed by our expert holistic nutritionist, Allison Sherkin, who has helped almost 1000 ladies lose weight and feel great without starving themselves. Her meal plan is designed not just to lose weight but can be used indefinitely with the slightest modification in serving sizes.

• We will be there every week to coach you on Zoom or Instagram Live. Of course, we are on the “speed-email” reply service.

• We will invite people on a closed and private Whats APP Chat to stay connected, ask questions, be supported and, help support others.

LIMIT to 50 people per every 30-days

The goals are simple:
• Eat well, but not perfect.
• Train often but, not every day.
• To be accountable but, not judgemental to yourself.
• To lose some body fat and tone the body!  

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