Physiotherapy And Rehab For Women

In a recent survey, over 75% of women reported that they trained through pain. This is a problem because many ladies do not find the time, the place or the right help and therefore are working through injuries. We want to help. We have dedicated 1/3 of our space to provide professional services to help ladies get the right assistance they need.


Physiotherapy at Integrity Fitness in Vaughan.

Our Athletic Therapy Program is Covered by most extended health care plans.

Our Physiotherapy Program

Work with one of our fabulous trainers or, our resident Athletic Therapist to help with aches and pains while getting stronger and healthier in the process. Our physiotherapy training allows the opportunity to strengthen imbalances, correct postural issues, decrease chronic pain, and increase the mobility of muscles and joints. It can be the best place to prepare the body for future activity and training programs (for increased strength, mobility, and stability, especially in the joints) and it is covered by your extended health care benefits. Since April 2021, we have helped over 100 ladies get back to fitness feel less pain, get stronger and feel better.

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Meet Your Athletic Therapist

Robert Lisi, CAT(C), B.A. Hons, PTS

• An expert in the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries to muscles, bones and joints
• Skilled in active rehabilitation that assesses the whole body and treats the cause
• Trained in concussion recognition, management, and safe return-to-play protocols

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Our NEW Physiotherapy PROGRAM will allow our Athletic Therapists to treat the following:

• Common injuries from falls, daily activities, and sports
• Chronic and recurring conditions, pre-surgery and post-surgery
• Emergencies at sporting events such as concussion, fractures, and spinal injuries

This is made possible by providing the following:

Advanced Assessment & Rehabilitative Program Design

The advanced physiotherapy assessment and rehabilitative program design will allow for personalized treatment plans that are tailored specifically to your needs.

Hands-On Manual Therapy Application Treatment Modules

• Highly proficient in Electric Modality treatment (includes: Ultrasound, Laser, Interferential Current/TENS, etc.)

Rehabilitative, Prophylactic, and Performance Enhancing Exercise Prescription

The goal of this rehabilitation program is to improve blood flow by increasing range-of motion (ROM), muscle strength & endurance as well reduce pain in order allow you achieve optimal functioning while still being safe!

Taping and Wrapping

Taping and wrapping  is a great way for patients who need physical therapy after an injury or surgery. With this technique, the therapist attaches adhesive tape over various parts of your body before applying soft dough like material on top in order to create bandages that support muscles while providing compression where needed!

Therapist Assisted Exercise Recovery

You can benefit from this program if you're looking for an exercise routine that will help alleviate stress and tension as well as reduce muscle fatigue. The therapist- assisted workouts focus on exercises tailored to your needs where they find problem spots in order to make them more efficient, which leads me into my next point - increased performance without any increase risk or discomfort due improper form!

Post-exercise Soft Tissue Manipulation and Flush

The post-exercise soft tissue manipulation and flush is a great way to improve your body's flexibility, reduce muscle tightness or pain that often comes from over usage of certain muscles. It also helps with preventing injuries by increasing blood flow where it’s needed most which means you have an increased chance at achieving ultimate sports performance!

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These two new programs will allow clients to be treated for acute and chronic injuries that keep them from exercising pain. These services will also provide clients the opportunity to work with a community of people they trust and that can help. Solutions will be offered for your physical ailments while having the option to pay through your benefits and/or out of pocket.

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