1 on 1 Physiotherapy Training


Physiotherapy is a great way to ensure any subtle aches and pains are addressed early enough & that they don't turn into bigger problems long-term (aren't linked to anything deeper within the body). Physiotherapy allows the opportunity to strengthen imbalances, correct postural issues, decrease chronic pain, and increase the mobility of muscles and joints. It can be the best place to prepare the body for future activity and training programs (for increased strength, mobility, and stability, especially in the joints).

Our Physiotherapy training operates in a closed private 1-on-1 environment, masks are worn by the trainer and you can wear one as well. You will have the whole place to yourself. What better time to train, work on your injuries and stay active. All covered by your extended benefits.

It is so easy to get started. Our Physiotherapist will work closely with our trainers performing assessments, reassessments, manual treatments, along with prescribing rehabilitative programs for clients. Clients will get to work with our team on their specific rehabilitation plan in order to get the most out of their treatment.

Our Registered Physiotherapist will be offering initial 45-minute Zoom or in-house assessments starting very SOON! You can schedule a call with us to book your appointment today! 

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