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We like to keep it fresh, innovative, creative, and fun all at once!

- Exciting new workouts daily
- Lots of energy and variety
- Fantastic works class team
- Great for clients with minimal equipment
-Train with us and get inspired

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Monday: Total Body Boot Camp

Start your week off with this full-body workout. Each workout is designed to build up a good sweat while training all the muscles in the body. Emphasis is on burning off those weekend calories. Monday’s will challenge you with a bit of everything, it’s strength, cardio, and core all in one workout that is sure to leave you sweating away those pounds.

Tuesday: Top it up Tuesdays

If you are looking to tone up your upper body, increase your strength, and burn a lot of body fat then Top it Up Tuesdays’ is the way to go. This class will focus on strength training of the upper body with a heavy emphasis on proper technique on how to lift weights correctly. This type of training will increase your strength; increase your metabolism and burn up fat tissue that is build up in the muscle. Our world-class instructors will push you to your limits which will get you faster results. A must-do workout for those looking for toning.

Wednesday: Throwback Total Body Workout

Do need to pick up your pace a bit mid-week? Do feel that mid-week sluggish feeling? Well, Wednesday is exactly what the doctor ordered to put that bounce back into your step. This total body workout emphasis is on creativity and we add some “Old-School” tunes to the workout! It just makes it fun! This type of class is fast pace and energetic class, it is designed to target every part of the body that will not only burn tons of calories but increase your energy levels too. There will be lots of cardio to get the heart pumping, lots of core to flatten out the belly, and some essential function resistance exercises that keep the muscle tight.

Thursday: Bubble Butt 2.0

The classics never get old. This is our bread and butter class. A full lower body workout that includes squats, lunges, deadlifts, and other classic leg day exercises that will give that shape you are looking for. Paul and our team have many years of experience on how to training women. We know what you want and we know what works so why change a thing. We pride ourselves on this class because we truly believe that nobody does it better than us. Why mess with a good thing that works. A must-do workout for those looking for toning.

Friday: HIIT Fridays Happy Fridays

Yes, you will be happy after you complete this fast pace HIIT class. HIIT again? Yes because it works. This type of training is proven to melt off the pounds by using short intense intervals with very little rest time which enables you to maximize your caloric burn. In other words, a shorter intense blast, with shorter rest periods will allow you to give your maximum effort without burning out before the set is done. This will push you to work more efficiently to get you quicker results. Who doesn’t want that right? Friday’s class is design to have a good mix of cardio, weights with some core blast sprinkled in to give you that total body workout to finish off the week. A must-do workout for those looking for fat loss.

Saturday: Wildcard Saturdays

Did you miss a workout during the week? Maybe you feel you can use one more class to end worth week off right. Wildcard Saturday’s is your chance to get a good class in before you start your weekend routine. The emphasis on Saturday is provide a creative and innovative workout with good balance of weights, cardio and core. It is a great workout that will shred your body up. Every week our training team will find new ways to challenge you like never before. It’s a great way to head into your weekend.

Why hire Integrity Fitness Virtual Training?

Hiring our team is more than just your occasional workout, you are hiring a coach. A team of trainers that inspire you to want to work out. We are local world-class trainers who have 15 years’ of experience designing workouts for women. 


Fresh New Workouts Daily.

Each day we train you differently. After each workout, we give you a private link valid for 48 hours. That means you can do the workout anytime you want to for two days! 24/7 Training.


We don’t just give you one awesome trainer, we have a whole world-class team providing training. Each trainer is unique in their own way and, that is not just better, it is smarter.

We just train WOMEN!

We design our workouts, our message and our efforts for women only. Everything we do here is to help you train and fuel your body right! 

Help & Support! 

Your coaches are ready to lead you and inspire you daily. We provide you support because great customer service is our top priority.


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