Welcome to Integrity Fitness, A Women's Wellness Center in Vaughan, Ontario.

Transform Your body, Transform Your Life.

The Integrity Fitness in Vaughan, Ontario, is more than just a gym. We are a Women's Wellness Centre. We help women create healthy lifestyles that allow them to transform their bodies and lives for the betterment of themselves on all levels-mindfully pursuing healthful living through exercise programs tailored specifically towards you!

How We Became A Wellness Center For Women

After years of training people, Paul and Sandra, who is behind Integrity Fitness, decided they wanted to share their knowledge and empower more women. They saw an opportunity in transforming what was once just a personal trainer coaching into a full scale women's wellnes center. Today many Woodbridge/ Vaughan residents rely on them for everything from health coaching services like nutritional planning or weight management programs that include diet counseling alongside exercise prescriptions tailored specifically toward each client's needs.

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A Focus on Female Fitness.

Women are often juggling careers, family responsibilities and a busy lifestyle. Our personal training programs and classes are here to  help you achieve your health goals. 

Integrity Fitness offers everything you need for an effective workout and a healthy lifestyle. We provide fitness programs that work on all aspects of your well-being, including nutrition guidance from a nutritional expert in order to achieve optimal results with weight loss or muscle building goals at any age!

Are you too busy to come in? We can help with our Virtual Training Program!

Are you looking for an intense but achievable workout but can't physically come to the studio? Do the thought of going to a fitness center keep turning down your heat from being on full blast all winter long because it just doesn't seem worth putting your shoes on to work out? Well, look no more! We have designed our program to be available online! Specifically made for busy women like yourself who want results without having any time constraints or inconvenience attached...

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However You do Your Fitness, in One Place

We are one of the leading fitness studios in Woodbridge/ Vaughan that designs programs, plans and training to help women reach their best self ever! Our success is built on your success. We work hard at improving overall well-being thorough nutrition education for food awareness; movement skills like core strengthening or balance, which will give you more energy during workouts - not less than other gyms might do with this type of exercise routine.. It's time to see if Integrity Fitness can make all those changes happen, so we'll be there cheering every step along the way!"

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